If you are in a hurry to submit your research paper, you can make a ton of mistakes with citations. It may be something that is often overlooked because of all the things you need to take care of before submitting the paper.

Yes, you need to talk to your advisers but they also advise a lot of students and they will most likely assume that you already took care of the citation part. Plus, there are many great online services that assist with that kind of work, just type “pay to write research paper”.

Here are a few research paper citation tips:

Periods Go After the Parenthesis

This is a common mistake when making a citation. You can’t blame yourself for putting the period before the close parenthesis. If you do this the wrong way, you can lose a lot of points and end up with a low grade just when you thought you did everything right.

There won’t be a software program that will notice this error for you so better be the one to manually check out each citation if it is done correctly. Believe it or not, it is actually one of the first things that research paper readers look for. Hence, better make this a priority so you won’t end up getting a pretty low grade just because of this mistake.

Use Only One Citation Style

There are some schools that require the APA style while others require the MLA format. Whatever the requirement is, that must be the one you should use for your research paper. If you do a mix of various citation formats, you are going to lose points. In order to avoid that from happening, better proofread your research paper before submitting it.

You will learn that by doing that, you are going to make a ton of major and minor improvements to your research paper. In fact, you’re going to be pretty happy that you did it. Better do the necessary research on each format so you don’t end up mixing them. It is indeed a common mistake so it would be better to avoid doing it in the first place.

Avoid Citing Too Much

It won’t look good on your research paper if you have too many citations. For example, if you have only one source for an entire paragraph then do the citation at the end of the paragraph. It won’t make sense to have a citation after each sentence. The person who reads the research paper will conclude that you are a bit too careful with your citations.

Remember the old saying that too much of something is bad enough? That holds true here as too many citations can lead to a bad score. Believe it or not, having too many citations don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a higher score. It will end up meaning that you just wanted to make the paper longer.

All Citations in Parenthesis Should Correspond to Something

This is another situation when you must double-check all the citations you made. If it is a long research paper, you know there will be a lot of citations. It is expected that each page would have several citations.

Hence, when you make a citation that is in parenthesis, make sure that it corresponds to a source somewhere at the bottom. You know you would not want whoever is reading it to have a hard time finding that.

It would actually be better to put numbers that correspond to the source so the reader won’t have a hard time looking for it. In-text and parenthetical citations actually work since they make the entire paper seem short then make the list of resources look long for those who would want to check it out.

In conclusion, better remember all of the above citation tips. The last thing you would want to happen is to get accused of plagiarism. Even if you did not do that, it could still happen and all that hard work would be for nothing just because you forgot to do proper citation.

Yes, there were instances when some students had a pretty high grade for their research paper but that suddenly got taken away from them. It would be better to prioritize doing proper citations so you would not regret doing so when it is too late.