When it comes to betting, casinos are a very popular choice, people travel near and far for the best one, but you no longer need to do so as with their growing popularity, online casinos have surfaced and taken over the world of betting.

If you are a newbie to the betting scene, roulette is one of the most popular games to play, so here are your beginner’s guide to the roulette tables, both online and in-person for your trips to the casino.

Many games can be intimidating for beginners and so there is no need to miss out on the action as you can pick up the basics with these few simple tips and tricks so you are ready to play anywhere at any time, including roulette at Leovegas.

The Basics 

Despite what many may think, roulette can be quite simple and starts with you making a bet of an amount of your choosing, placing it on one or multiple numbers or you can choose to pick a color instead.

The dealer will then throw the small ball onto the spinning wheel, during this time bets can still be made and the dealer will indicate when they are no longer valid by stating “no more bets”, this is when the ball begins to slow.

When the ball stops it will land on a number/color/section and you will be rewarded if this coincided with the bet you made, your winnings will be reflected by the odds you were given when playing the bet. If you bet on color as opposed to a single number your winnings will be less as the odds were higher.

Types of Bets 

The straight-up bet refers to if you were to place your chips on one or more numbers on the layout and therefore giving you 35 to 1 odds, earning you a nice return if that number comes up. But with betting on a single number it is a high reward as it is a high risk.

The split bet in roulette is when you place your chips down between two numbers so that you win if either of those numbers come in, the odds are lower and so you will gain a smaller winning but there is a better chance for you to win.

A column bet allows you to bet on an entire row on the layout, a total of 12 numbers. The odds are 2 to 1 on this type of bet as the chances of you winning are much higher than of a single number.

Odd or even bets are much like column bets as they allow you to bet on a multitude of numbers, if you place your chip or chips on the odd square then you will be a winner if the ball lands on an odd number, same for even. There are 18 odd numbers and 18 even, so this bet gives you a good chance of seeing a return, but as stated earlier, if the chances of winning are higher then the returns will be lower.