GTA 5 is one of the most famous and renowned games on the market. Its rich story, immersive gameplay, and qualitative graphics still hold the plank and even surpass some contemporary games. The online mode of GTA 5 is one of the cornerstones of the game’s popularity as well. GTA online shows a wide variability of game modes and experiences. Separate modes may even be considered as unique games in themselves. Here, we present a review of the best game modes in GTA Online. To learn more about how to play in different online modes, you may check out GTA online tutorial.

5. Jobs and Crew Activities

Basic and most common gameplay for GTA Online. The gameplay is similar to the basic game, except that you can play with friends. Driving cars, completing missions, and earning money. Cooperation with other players in crews up to sixteen players may diversify regular gameplay so you will never be bored. This type of online mode is not so popular among experienced players.

Therefore, before roll in jobs, it would be wise to find a company for cooperation. Earned money can be spent on additional cars, guns, ammunition, house customization, and clothes. If you only begin your journey in GTA Online, jobs will be a perfect option to start, and the best natural GTA online tutorial. Simple and basic, but when you need something to relax – jobs are the choice.

4. Races and Stunt Races

Races are a spectacular show, which may be separated from any other activities. Car physics and race tracks can compete with simpler arcade games. The variety of races present tracks from regular city landscape to some surrealistic Trackmania landscapes. Players can create their own racing levels, which prolongs the mode of life. The mode has a wide variety of licensed vehicles besides the tracks.

GTA Online offers regular and sports cars, bikes of different caliber, and even planes. The dimensions of racing competition in GTA is really impressive. The Challenge of the races vary from track to track; therefore, choose a type of race, which fits your mood. If you are a competitive player, casual racer, or an extreme seeker – races are the best option in GTA Online. You may learn more about races in any GTA online tutorial.

3. Heists

Heists are a complex online activity, which combines different types of gameplay. Heists are well-directed robberies in different settings and with different tasks. The robbing of casinos, chases on watercraft, aircraft, and cars, dangerous shooting, and many more events wait for you in heists. The gameplay somewhat resembles one from the main game in terms of gunplay, difficulty, and overall pace.

However, the direction of the heists is on the top level; each of the available scenarios resembles a short action-packed movie, where you and your crew members are the main stars. Even after you beat all the heists, you may try them again to complete all of the available challenges or complete them on a higher difficulty. Besides, Rockstar constantly adds new heists, so the gameplay option remains relevant and interesting even today. If you seek intensive gameplay, dangerous missions, and variable situations – heists are the optimal option.

2. Hang-outs

Hang-outs serve as an opposition to heists. Instead of intensive gameplay, there are various options for party activities such as golf, tennis, or movies. Hang-outs do not bring anything meaningful to the gameplay, but they contribute to the atmosphere and immersion in the process. It is always nice to chill out with friends after tense heists and fast-paced races, and hang-outs is a perfect opportunity for that.

1. Roleplay

Arguably, the most famous online mode for the game. It includes all of the activities mentioned above and even more. You may even consider learning GTA 5 online tutorial to learn how to join one of the many roleplay servers. GTA roleplay simulates the life of a real city using the mechanics of the main game.

You can choose roles such as medic, driver, criminal, policeman, and even a politician to shape the life of a city. The gameplay of a gangster is a standard option for the GTA series. However, roleplay servers propose to expand this possibility and take the other side of the law or even serve the city more trivially. Alive communication between all these roles makes GTA Online roleplay servers a unique experience.

Some of the servers utilize hardcore mechanics, which may include permanent death or even losing all of the items. Other servers may include less harsh options but still provide pretty challenging gameplay. Such trivia as being captured by police or healed in hospitals has additional depth and game mechanics, which contribute to the immersion greatly. GTA online roleplay is a vast, truly variable, and captivating gameplay experience.