The pandemic has brought in numerous changes in the world. The new normal, as we say, has changed the entire lifestyle from the pre-Covid world. Starting from our sleep cycle, work schedule to even social activities – everything is now different. Though for many of us, this has become very frustrating as they miss their office desks and office canteens but interestingly, there are many who have adopted this new normal and turned their very own home into a workspace.

Are you one of them who are actually frustrated with your new boring workspace, that is, your home? Then, you need to trust that you are not doing it correctly. In Gensler’s new Work from Home (WFH) Survey, research of 2,300+ U.S. knowledge workers across 10 different industries say that employees report gains in their ability to complete individual work and in personal creativity.

So, here we are to help you set up your own home workspace. Don’t worry! You do not need to make any major changes rather there are just five simple ways in which you can prepare your own home workspace.

Here are the five ways to prepare your home workspace:

1. Select your work area as per your needs

You need to firstly select your business according to your business and needs because that is the prime point that determines the type, size, and location of your workspace. Make sure you take into account the festive activities, special functions, and guests who might turn up at any time.

· If possible and obviously, if available, choose a separate room as your dedicated workspace. Thus, if required you can keep the room doors closed during those special occasions.

· Make sure your dedicated workspace is away from all distractions including kitchen, gaming consoles, television, etc.

· If you are expecting your clients to turn up at your home, the ideal workspace will be the room next to the outside door of your house or the room which has a separate outside door.

· If your work includes making products that might create noise or generate byproducts including dust, mess, fumes, etc. consider a garage or an outside space for such work.

2. Planning your Workspace

The only chances of maximizing your productivity, functionality, and visually attractive workspace at the least cost is if you take out the necessary time to plan out your workspace well in advance of actually setting it up.

You need to make a list of the changes you need to actually make in your workspace. Does it require renovations in the form of cleaning the walls, ceiling, and floor or does it require a bit of painting? These things can make your workspace really better. You need to plan out the required furniture and equipment according to your business or work, well before installing it.

This actually might seem like a time-consuming task but do not forget, it’s a long-term investment so make sure you get the most out of it.

3. Renovating the Workspace

People who are professionals and usually practice work from home need to attract more clients and thus, they need to make sure that their dedicated workspace is well maintained.

Make sure whatever changes are made in your workspace are cost-efficient. This might take a bit of time but ultimately it helps you in your own growth.

Also, you need to learn to differentiate between the work you can do by yourself and the work you will that must be outsourced. Do not take decisions in a hurry because these things matter while making your dedicated workspace cost-effective.

4. Equipping the Workspace

After the renovation is complete, you need to equip your workspace with the desired equipment, furniture, technology, etc. and these things vary with the type of business planned. In addition to that, you need to take into account your personal comfort and budget too.

You will have to work throughout the day sitting in front of your tech gadgets or on the telephone. Your personal comfort becomes a big priority in this regard. In recent years, many new physical ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, have been recognized that are caused by spending long hours doing repetitive tasks such as typing a keyboard. Thus, you cannot miss out on the long-term effects of improper furniture and lighting.

Budget always remains a constraint for many so as mentioned earlier, make sure whatever equipment you install is cost-effective and within your budget.

For budget-friendly work from home setup, you can explore the catalog at Officeworks. They know how important it is to be able to conveniently work from wherever you want and have thus made available the widest range of WFH equipment for you.

5. Security and Safety for your Workspace

This is mainly for those who are setting up a workspace for your own business and professional who practice from home. Also, for those individuals who expect clients to come to their place, security and safety are one of the most important elements you must keep in mind while setting up your workspace area, that is, your home.

You should not forget that your entire house is at risk which includes your expensive computer equipment which contains data of your entire business and work, cash, and specialized tools commonly on-site.

For these very risks, all home business owners need to go out of their way to secure their homes and businesses for the protection of their families, businesses, clients, and neighbors. These safety norms can be achieved in a few ways which include installing home security alarms, securing doors and windows, building alliances with your neighbors, etc.

Closing thoughts!

A recent McKinsey study finds 60% of businesses report that new remote sales models were proving as much or more effective than traditional channels. These were the few simplest ways you can turn your home into your best and most efficient workspace that guarantees you productivity as well as creativity.