The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Over the past year, millions of people worldwide are already struggling with putting on quarantine weight. The unprecedented lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic have added a few pounds to most of our waistlines. Being stuck at home with the kitchen cupboards and fridge filled with our favorite guilty pleasures has not been easy for many of us to resist. When you add the stress of the current pandemic situation, many of us are eating away our anxiety.

As the holiday season approaches, there is no better time to start shedding those extra pounds. Although the holidays often present many temptations with delicious food and the chance to overindulge, they can make those extra pounds add up before the new year arrives.

Fad diets aren’t always good for your health, so taking a more natural approach to weight loss will get you great results safely. Changing some of your habits like replacing the sugar in your morning coffee with Organic Liquid Stevia and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you shed your extra weight. Let’s look at how you can get a jump on your New Year’s weight loss journey.


Many gyms and health clubs are still closed during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good workout on your own. Setting up a home gym makes it easier and leaves you with few excuses not to take a spin on your equipment. Uncover your treadmill from under a pile of discarded clothes and get to work while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix show. If you have a rarely-used exercise bike, break it out and cycle out a few miles every day for great results.

Set a step goal and use your pedometer to keep track of how well you are doing each day. It is recommended that for the best weight loss that you complete at least 10,000 steps per day. You don’t have to walk a marathon all in one outing, though. Split your day up into a few workout sessions to complete your steps to help you stave off the boredom of quarantine.

Portion Control

Many of us come from the generation that was taught that it was poor manners not to clean your plate at a meal. Eating well is fine, but the size of your plate has a lot to do with controlling your portions. You may be eating a generally healthy diet with lots of whole foods and proteins, but if your portions are extremely large, it won’t help you lose any weight.

Over many years, the standard dinner plate has grown in size, resulting in super-sized portions. As a result, many people eat more than they need to get the right amount of nutrition. In some cases, just half of what is on your plate is enough to fill you up, and the rest is just empty calories.

An easy way to start losing weight without depriving yourself of any of your favorite foods is to start with a smaller plate. Choose a salad plate instead of a dinner plate or platter and you will be able to easily cut down your portion size. There is no reason to starve yourself, and although you may not think that smaller portions will be enough to fill you up, if you eat slowly and allow your food time to settle, it’s unlikely that you will feel unsatisfied with a smaller portion. Over a short period of time, your stomach will start to shrink down and overeating will make you very uncomfortable.


Often when we are trying to lose weight, we are more focused on what we are eating and less on what we drink. Staying properly hydrated is key to healthy weight loss. A lack of proper water consumption can make you feel more hungry and reduce the efficiency of your digestive system. Adults should be drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water every day to stay properly hydrated.

Drinking the right amount of water will also help you feel less hungry and able to resist the urge to snack between meals. Carrying a convenient sports water bottle with you during the day will give you a chance to sip whenever you want. Adding lemon or fruit to your water can spice up the flavor and minimize your urge for something sweet.


Although eating out or ordering in is convenient, it can make your weight loss journey much more difficult. Hamburgers and pizza are great when you are in a rush, but they often contain lots of fat and empty calories that can cause you to put on unwanted weight. During the pandemic, it’s still possible to get your favorite take-out foods delivered, but now is the time to start thinking about cooking for yourself instead.

With the extra time that most people have during quarantine, it’s a great time to stretch your culinary muscles. When you cook your own meals, you are twice as likely to make healthier choices as you are when you go through a drive-thru window. Dig out those old cookbooks that have been gathering dust and try out some new recipes with a healthy flare.

While you are toiling in the kitchen, prepping some meals in advance can help you resist the urge to call for take out. Cooking a few casseroles and pre-made meals and throwing them in the freezer creates a delicious and readymade menu of healthy meals. Create portion-sized containers of your favorite soups, casseroles, lasagna, or pasta dishes that you can pop in the microwave for a quick and easy meal.

Losing weight is always a challenge, and during these stressful times, it may seem like an impossible dream. However, with just a few changes to your regular routine, you can start shedding those extra pounds before the new year arrives.