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Roulette is a classic of casino gameplay. It provides one of the easiest gaming features of a casino and also presents one of the highest single odds wins at 35 to 1 when bets are placed on a single number.

But variants aren’t a new thing with roulette, players may have already heard of European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. These are found online and inside of land-based casinos. But these are still not the only options that are out there.

We present SIX different roulette machines that can be played online.

The Variants of Roulette You Never Knew About

Traditional forms of the roulette game are great within themselves so why change? Well to answer this we spoke with Orla Byrne, Editor-in-Chief at BetinIreland.ie, an expert casino comparison site.

“Irish players love roulette games and online Ireland casinos allow them to access more games than what land casinos offer via pages like betinireland.ie/casino/games/roulette. By why opt for roulette? This is because there are often added benefits to the game that are missing from the more older and traditional variant forms. For example, roulette would only ever pay as high as a player’s bet would allow, now some variants have a jackpot that isn’t relative to the bet put down and hundreds of thousands are now the prize to play and aim for.”

Must-Play Variants of Roulette

There are about 20 different variants of roulette that are found online, and we are going to present six of them. They feature subtle but big differences; some look odd and others just seem too insane to play. All of them can be played with the basic knowledge of roulette.

You still place your bets before the numbers are selected and you’re still guessing the winning numbers to receive a cash payout. How balls are spun, numbers selected, and what amounts are won, are where these variants have their fun.

Marvel Roulette

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That’s right, Marvel isn’t just for Hollywood to play with, they are ever-present inside of casinos online and this Marvel variant was a world first in presenting a roulette game that tied in with slot jackpots.

Developed by Playtech, the Marvel slot games came with a progressive jackpot feature, Playtech, then expanding their live gaming tech, also created this roulette game that would allow players to also access the same cash jackpots.

The development was fairly simple, a bonus pocket was added to the wheel and if this landed whilst a bet was placed on it, players will then qualify for the bonus jackpot round. It had never been done before and with such games going off in a new direction, it was a massive hit. Playtech built more games based on this success and even branched into DC slots with The Justice League and Dark Knight.

Pinball Roulettte

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Want to go crazy? Then Pinball Roulette serves up the perfect gaming option. Variant gets rid of the roulette wheel because who needs a wheel right? Instead, the developer Ash Gaming put in place a massive Pinball feature that picks the winning number.

The ball will be projected from the pinball contraption and will bounce its way through the pegs and off the bumpers to then finally settle in one of the pockets.

The rest of the game is the standard way of playing, this variant just has a different and actually more fun way of picking winnings numbers.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Another release by Playtech and in the same form as their Marvel roulette variant. Age of the Gods is their longest slot series that is also a progressive jackpot series. The wheel supplies a bonus pocket that allows you to enter a jackpot bonus round where winning is guaranteed that’s not including the 100x odd you get for landing it in the first place. Now, the amount you win depends on the luck you’re having.

Double Ball Roulette

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This is a fantastic live feature that has been developed by the number one live streaming supplier Evolution Gaming. You get to play double ball roulette either with an American roulette wheel or a European one. The difference in wheels is that the American one has an added number with double-zero.

It’s twice the balls and twice the fun for it. Best of all, should the two balls land on the same number, you will win an odds payout at 1300 to 1. This is the biggest single odds of any game online.

Multi Wheel Roulette

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Only available as a digital variant and for clear reasons, the multi-wheel variant provides an enormous winning opportunity and plays out over 8 different wheels. This development by Microgaming presents a wholly unique roulette variant that is clearly like no other and gives players big opportunities to make more than just one win from 8 wheels. Pick the outside bets to boost your chances, like high/low bets, odds, or even, and color bets.

Lightning Roulette

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In 2018, Evolution Gaming started to develop a series of game show features. One of the most popular and first made was this variant called Lightning Roulette. The principle of play was the usual way roulette would be played, however, every now and then, lightning would strike to add multipliers to special numbers. These multipliers could be as high as 500x meaning if the bet was placed on this, players could potentially see a massive payout coming their way. It is one of the most successful variants created and in the live domain of gaming it is perfect.

There are your top 6 roulette variants, and we’d like to thank Orla Byrne at BetInIreland.ie for helping us to pick the top roulette variants online that players really did need to know about. Have fun playing.