When we hear the word “infidelity”, vivid pictures come to mind depicting physical infidelity — sex, kissing, etc. But cheating isn’t always about sex. Some guys and girls even admit that they are ready to forgive their second half for sex outside if it “didn’t mean anything”. But the realization that some outsider has become for your partner closer and loved than you, sometimes it is simply unbearable.

Five Signs

There are some red flags:

“We’re just acquaintances!”

You feel the need to hide the degree of intimacy and depth of your Dubai escorts relationship. Why? Because you feel guilty? Are you afraid of jealousy from your partner? Maybe you are in a toxic relationship, and your significant other in the Championship for Absurd reasons for Jealousy would take all three first places? You don’t want to have another conflict with your partner, so you don’t give any information. Sometimes this happens.

You complain about your partner

Okay, we all sometimes discuss our relationships and problems with our friends, family members, or bartender on a bad day. But be careful when discussing your partner with someone who may have a romantic interest in you. Just ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Why do I tell this person about my problems?”

I’ll tell everyone except you

If you are in rush to tell about the great changes in your life not to your soul mate, but to “just a friend,” this is suspicious. Whenever something disgusting or delightful happens to us, we are in a hurry to share our feelings with the person closest to us. So why is your partner no longer in this status? Could it be “just a friend” to blame?

Messages with questionable content

Of course, everyone has the right to personal space. You do not have to read aloud to your partner your correspondence with friends. But, hand on heart, how would you react to such messages if you were your better half? Would you smile, laugh, or feel disgusted after reading your “innocent” correspondence?

Your partner doesn’t come first for you

In a healthy relationship, both partners put each other first. Isn’t that right? Emotional infidelity starts in your head. It’s all about who comes first for you. You can’t be sure of anything in a relationship. You can’t read another person’s mind. If you are a cheater, ask yourself who is the first for you. If it’s not your partner, but someone else, it’s probably an emotional betrayal.

Too much tenderness

There’s nothing wrong with complimenting your friend. But if you give “just a friend” more tenderness and affection than your partner, this is quite strange. When a partner jumps like a puppy around someone, is the first to start a conversation, gives attention, likes to talk about this person, at the same time, you don’t get any attention at all.

Is it possible to avoid emotional infidelity? If you really value relationships, start small — be honest with each other and don’t run away from problems and conflicts in the arms of other people.