For your next trip, it was decided to charter a flight rather than take a commercial one. The idea is exciting, but also a little intimidating. This is the first time you’ve ever gone the Learjet for rent route and you’re not sure exactly what to expect. To help you feel more comfortable, here are four aspects of your new adventure that are sure to please.

No Long Lines at the Airport

One of the nice things about taking a charter flight is that you don’t have to go through the process of a long check-in or spend a lot of time waiting to board at a gate. It’s often possible to be driven directly to the jet, watch as your luggage is loaded, and settle into your seat. The only real waiting that has to be done is while the pilot gets clearance to take off. Compare that to trying to find a seat and waiting for an hour or more at a gate.

More Room for Your Head and Legs

It’s no secret that the seating on commercial flights is more crowded than ever. The seats are smaller and there’s not as much head and legroom as in decades past. Fortunately, that’s not going to be a problem on your charter flight.

The seats are typically large enough for just about anyone to be comfortable. There’s plenty of head and legroom too. It’s actually possible to sit in a normal position and enjoy a nap during the flight without any of your muscles beginning to cramp. Whether your journey will be a short one or take several hours, being comfortable makes the time pass easily.

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Customized Dining Options

Did you know that it’s possible to arrange for catered food to be loaded onto your Novajet air charter flight just before you take off? That’s great news is you’re following a diet to lose weight or need to plan meals that are low in carbohydrates, cholesterol, or other issues. It’s even possible to ensure there are snacks that fit in with whatever dieting plan you currently follow.

This is a nice touch even for shorter flights. Perhaps you’re leaving around mealtime and the flight will take a couple of hours. That’s still time to have a meal and not have to find somewhere to eat after you land. If you’d prefer to get to the hotel and rest before going out anywhere, you can do do on a full stomach.

You Can Land at More Airports

Charter flights often involve smaller jets, so it’s easier to land as smaller airports. Think of what that means if your destination happens to be closer to one of those smaller airports. It will be a shorter drive to get where you want to go. It also means that when it’s time to go home, you have a shorter return drive to get to your flight.

There are plenty of other perks you’ll enjoy by taking a charter flight. Feel free to call the service and ask any questions that come to mind before the day of your flight. Once you complete this first trip, you may never want to set foot on a commercial flight again.