trudi (CC0), Pixabay

With the Austin City Limits Music Festival back on the books this year for the start of October, we can’t help but get nostalgic for the greatest moments past.

This music festival has been around for nearly two decades now and is annually held in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. It is a two-weekend long music festival that gets the best musical groups from a range of genres on eight stages to perform for passionate fans.

With the concerts running all day long with nearly a quarter of a million people in attendance each year in the past, Austin becomes a melting pot for local and international visitors alike. And for companies who want to grow their brand awareness, it is the perfect time to hire out
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In the build-up to this year’s most sought-after music festival—especially after the year we have had—we are rounding up the top moments of music festivals in the past and reliving these cherished music memories.

Here are the top moments ranked in order of our own personal favorites at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

1. Paul McCartney’s 2018 performance

He’s graced us with his musical presence for decades. And while we have plenty of memories of him back in the day as a member of the Beatles, there was something so memorable about when he brought back the classic hits during his 2018 performance. Now a one-man band, he nailed every song and had both the guys and girls going wild over him.

2. Willie Nelson’s 2016 performance

With the combination of the park setting, the acoustics from the stage being surrounded by a hill and thousands of people singing along to “I’ll Fly Away”, it was hard not to become transfixed in this magical moment. The crowd was over the moon with Willie’s performance and is a moment that will be hard to ever top at future Austin City Limits Music Festivals.

3. Lizzo’s 2016 and 2019 performances

This rapper from Minneapolis never ceases to perform. Her swag on stage mesmerizes the large crowds at Zilker Park every single time. Her first time at the festival was in 2016 where she was just an opening act but commanded the stage with her presence. Three years later she was the headline act and her infectious vibes made her become queen of the festival that year, without a doubt.

4. Outkast’s 2014 performance

As part of their farewell tour, Outkast blessed the crown with a memorable appearance at the 2014 festival. Whether the people in the crowd were actual fans or not, the electrifying hip hop performance had thousands of people rocking to their classic tunes and was surely a highlight of the band’s career as well.

5. Florence and the Machine’s 2015 performance

This was the year that women moved up the ranks at this festival, with Florence and the Machine being the first-ever female-led group to close out the festival. Always saving the best for last, Florence and the Machine blew the crowd away with the powerful acoustics and the captivating tunes that had the entire festival focused in on the stage.

6. Lorde’s 2014 performance

Many people at the festival likely had no idea where New Zealand was on a map, but by then they had heard of the Kiwi musical sensation Lorde. Her debut at the festival solidified her stardom in the music industry and created thousands of new fans too. While she may have been booked that year on the smaller stages, the crowds of people were so dense that there was no chance of getting out until the show was over.

7. Robyn’s 2019 performance

In the last festival before the pandemic shut everything down, this Swedish pop sensation made her America debut at this year’s festival. If you hadn’t heard of her prior to the festival, you certainly had by the weekend’s end—along with having her mesmerizing ballads stuck in your head for weeks to come.

8. Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 performance

It wasn’t so much Kendrick Lamar’s performances as it was his healing message that he gave the crowd of thousands at the end of his set. His simple line of “We going to be alright” seemed to provide a necessary hope in a year where the city, in particular, had gone through so much.

With this year’s music festival back in the books, we can’t wait to see what the 2021 memorable moments will be.