ktphotography (CC0), Pixabay

As the wise men said, planning makes perfect. To host a successful dinner party, you will have to have planned the party earlier and perfectly. Make a list of all that is required and all actions that need to be taken care of to prevent the last-minute rush and chaos.

Fiona Leahy, a British party organizer, emphasizes the importance of outsourcing services as you prepare for an event. Hiring a catering staff might be expensive, but it would be wise to delegate duties such as cleaning tasks, picking flowers, preparing wine, and even picking up the groceries and the desert. It is crucial to keep it simple for yourself and avoid having too much to do during the preparation period.

Below are tips and tricks that will help you plan a fruitful event:

Two Weeks Before

Have your guest list ready. It will help you ensure you have enough dishes and cutlery for everyone during the party. They include plates, cups, spoons, forks, trays, and glasses.

Send the invitation letters. By sending the invitation letters early enough, you will get responses and easily approximate the number of guests from the reactions making the planning process easy.

A clear picture of how you would want the event to look like will help you make a list of all décor and paintings that you will need to purchase from Premier Glow to brighten up the mood at the party.

One Week Before The Event

Have a list of all guests and check if they have special requests on their diets. With the help of the catering staff, prepare the menu using the available ingredients and factoring in meal plans that you can prepare a day before the party. Especially present the dishes and include plates, special tools, and garnishes you will need at the party. Candles and other decors that will be used during the night should be picked and set. The team should pick flowers to be used on the day of the party.

Two Days Before The Event

Have your team collect all the necessary ingredients that they will use to prepare the special dinner. Remember to buy wine and other soft drinks that your guests will enjoy during the party. Don’t forget to buy several corkscrews. If you plan to have cocktails, ensure your ice tray is full and purchase more ice from the nearby store if need be. With the help of your DJ come up with a list of songs to be played during the dinner party.

The Day Before

Prepare the dessert and have as much food as possible ready. Empty the dustbin and trash cans and ensure all areas to be used by guests are perfectly cleaned. On this day, pick up the flowers and put them in their respective vases. Remember to water then well.

Party Day

Have your chefs set all the ingredients and prepare a mise en place. Ensure the dishes are well furnished with garnishes and sauces and put them around a counter with good knives and several chopping boards. Line up several bawls and have them filled with all that will be required during the dinner party. It will be the perfect time to prepare any last meals and desserts.

Have your team set up all the décor and the table with linens, place cards, glasses, table settings, and candles well laid out.

Two Hours Before

Arrange all the cooked food on the table counter and have all pots ready to be used. Have your team set up drinking booths with bottles of wine and glasses ready. There should also be small edibles at the wine table. Remember to put bottles of water or pitchers on the table for guests to quench their thirst. After getting dressed, light the candles and play your selected music for the night.