You’ve finally purchased an Apple Watch – congratulations! On your new smartwatch, the watch face is the main way you’ll interact with all the amazing capabilities your device has to offer. Of course, you’ll need to clearly tell the time, but you also want a beautiful-looking interface to access important data or easily open up the apps you’ve downloaded onto the watch.

And just as is the case with the rest of your iOS devices, Apple has made it possible to customize your watch face using a third party apps like Facer with nearly endless options. Whether you most value beautiful aesthetics or clean visualizations of data or something else, you’ll find the watch face that’s just right for your needs.

In no particular order, take a look through the top 12 watch faces that are sure to make your Apple watch your favorite new accessory – on your wrist or otherwise! P.S. – you’ll notice that many of our recommendations feature designs that will work anyone in the family!

Fire and Water 

The Fire and Water face shines best on the larger screen of the Apple Watch Series 4 and later. The different elements will envelop the entire OLED screen for a stunning final result. Both options were shot in a custom model so the user can interact with the dial and act like they are truly contained in the watch face.


For the complications-obsessed user, the Infograph will be the answer to your prayers.  This face supports up to eight complications, with the four in the corner able to make use of the redesigned Series 4 and Series 5 display to show extra information.


California has almost a formal, classy feel to it – perfect for a business dinner or big event. This watch face brings the basics right up-front in a clean and clear display. Users may go full-screen (two complications) or circular (four complications) with the watch face. it has one of the best looking Always-on-Displays of any Apple Watch face.

Count Up 

Athletes – these ones for you. Count Up puts the stopwatch functionality front and center of the watch face. Simply tap the watch to begin a timer. You also get four complication spots on the edge of the display.


Meridian is simple, crisp, and clean. It blends in well with almost any aesthetic. This watch face offers a great blend of design and function, with a clean, bold analog look that also gives the option of four complications right in the middle of the dial.


Minimalists will love this sleek yet uncomplicated watch face. This design features no complications, just four large numbers taking up the real estate on the face. However, it’s still highly customizable. Users can match the fill color to their outfit, mood, or whatever the vibe of the day is!

Mickey Mouse 

Whether you’re an actual kid or just a kid at heart, the Mickey Mouse face is a fun-filled option. Click on Mickey and he’ll tell you the time. You can swap in Toy Story characters too. Get the weather from the sarcastic Carrot will tell the weather, or let Minnie Mouse be your wrist’s new best friend instead!


The Apple Watch is for users of all ages. For those who need larger text displays, meet the X-Large. This face will display in bold and/or extra-large fonts that take up the whole display.


The stripes face is so much fun because of the variety! They have virtually infinite customizable options, from stripes to color to angle to direction. Users can choose from a square or inset circle with corner complications, between 2-9 stripes, and pick the color of each individual stripe.


Kaleidoscope is another beautiful option. It shows mesmerizing patterns that entwine with one another for a total zen moment. The faster the user turns the digital crown, the faster the patterns move with it.


The Siri watch face presents tailored data throughout the day, from Reminders, Alarms, Calendar, News, Weather, heart rate, sound levels, and more. It will even remind you to take a deep breath. You can also add complications without making the screen feel too crowded.


This is easily the most personal Apple watch face. Access photos from your library and turn them into your watch background. You can pick up to 10 photos for a rotating carousel function too. A new photo will appear every time you raise your wrist or tap the screen. Even if you use this face, you can access two complications and view the current time.

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