As the second northernmost state in the USA, Minnesota has some of the most stunning scenery, friendly people, and welcoming communities in the country. So, whether you’re new to the area or just visiting you really should take the time to look around and make the most of the uniquely Minnesotan experiences and places that are available to you.

You’re in the right place, thankfully; this article is your one-stop-shop for things to see and do whether you’re on your own or with a special someone!

Things to Do Alone in Minnesota

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the most out of Minnesota when traveling alone; here are our top three picks for the solo traveler looking for a unique experience in Minnesota!

Enjoy the (Complete) Silence;

Sometimes the best thing about being alone is the peace, but we can guarantee that there’s no quiet quite like what’s on offer at Orfield Labs “Quiet Chamber”; found in south Minneapolis this was one the “quietest place on earth” (though Microsoft has nabbed that coveted first spot, now).

Orfield Laboratories is homes to an anechoic chamber which absorbs 99.99% of all sound.

This room is used to test the volume of products, but you can book time in the room to feel the supposedly “maddening” effects of total silence. A tour isn’t cheap at $125 per person and a minimum of $250, but this is an experience like no other!

See the City of Lakes;

If you want to see the sights of Minneapolis and meet new people at the same time, you can always the ‘City of Lakes’ tour over a half or full-day. These tours are undertaken by seasoned guides who can also act as interpreters if needed; you’ll be taken around all of the main attractions that this wonderful city has to offer, and while you take in the sights you can chat to your tour guide and other tour-goers.

FlyOver America!

Get a whole new perspective on America with this birds’ eye view simulation that will take

you all around this beautiful nation (without ever leaving Minnesota!).

What really sets this simulation apart is the 4D experience which includes moving seats, air and mist, and scent releasers to give you the feeling that you really are soaring over the stunning landscape of the USA!

Simulations start every 15 – 20 minutes, and this experience is located inside another great attraction; the Mall of America!

Drive A Tank;

That’s right! You heard; you can drive a tank here in Minnesota… in Kasota to be precise. This recreational experience is not a bit weird and wonderful, it’s entirely unique because you can take out your frustrations by crushing cars and old mobile homes and firing weapons (in a safe and secure environment, too, which is nice)!


Things to Do With That Special Someone!

Some experiences are just better when shared, and Minnesota has something to offer to every couple that steps foot within its borders.

Visit the Infamous Devils Kettle;

This ‘hole to nowhere’ is not only one of the most puzzling natural mysteries in America, but sites at the end of one of the most stunning (and Instagram-able) hiking trails in Minnesota. If you want some alone time with your lover in stunning surroundings you really can’t do better than this!

This is a decent hike, about 2.5 miles round from the Judge Magney State Park sign off Highway 61, so you should be sure that you have comfortable shoes on and pack for wet weather just in case.

Soak Up Some History in Pipestone;

In Southwest Minnesota, there is a historic little town called Pipestone. Named for the soft red rock in the area (which is sacred to the First Nation people that have lived here over time). The old Rock Island Depot here is on the National Historic Register (and is one of the few buildings in the area made of yellow brick), here you and your beau can spend a day learning about the tradition of pipe making at the Pipemakers gift shop and Indian art gallery.

This attraction is open year-round and is part of a non-profit organization formed to protect the nearby pipestone quarries and educate the public.

Get Wild at the Como Zoo & Conservatory;

The most visited attraction in St Paul is the Como Zoo & Conservatory, and it’s perfect for couples or family groups seeking a fun and informative day out!

Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits, Como Zoo has big cats, polar bears, and aquatic animals to see, as well as the McNeely Conservatory which exhibits tropical and seasonal plants and flowers all year round! If you’re in town between the 1st of May and the end of September, you can also see the gorgeous and unique Japanese memorial garden

Como Zoo & Conservatory is open until 6 pm in summer and 4 pm in winter, and entrance is free (though a small donation of $2 or $3 is recommended as the Zoo uses all funs to care for exhibits and maintain the attraction).–conservatory

See the Kensington Runestone in Alexandria;

Alexandria, MN, might be the last place you’d expect to find a Nordic runestone, but when the Runestone museum opened in 1958, the Kensington runestone was the only attraction in the building!

These days it’s bigger and better than ever and has a 40-piece collection which includes Nordic artifacts from the Middle Ages (such as the Climax Fire Steel).

There’s even a replica of an 8th century Viking longboat; this is the perfect place to take a history lover that you want to impress!

If you’re new to the area and you don’t have that special someone to share these attractions with there are some reputable chat rooms (MN) which will help you to connect with locals. In fact, chatting with and getting to know local people is a great way to find out about cool attractions and hidden gems. It is definitely not hard to find chat rooms in MN because of their excellent security record and varied membership.

Whether you’re alone or with your partner, however, we know that you will love everything that Minnesota has to offer!