Dating can be an expensive thing, particularly if you are in the early stages of a relationship and feeling the need to impress to keep your girl or guy interested.

Remember that dating doesn’t have to be about lavish meals, large bouquets of flowers, costly city breaks or holidays, or even a jaw-dropping night of beers and drinks in your local night club.

You can date on a budget and still make a big impression. Follow our five tips and tricks for dating without the big spend, and you will still make a lasting impact at the same time as protecting the pennies in your bank account.

A picnic in the park

Forget booking a table at a restaurant, plus the drinks before and after. Instead make a nice picnic basket (or bag) of nibbles, thrown in a bottle of wine and a nice rug and head to the park for a romantic afternoon or evening. Relax in each other’s company and get to know each other as much as you could have done across the dinner table.

Date and movie night 

Cinema tickets and the collection of sweets and drinks, the cost soon adds up. You can date on a fraction of that by enjoying a “Netflix and Chill” night at home. Cook something quick, easy, and cheap and order the sit back and watch the latest blockbuster. If you are already a subscriber, then essentially the movie is free as you have already paid up. And we all know what Netflix and Chill really mean!

Pick her wildflowers

Buying flowers is something that will earn you plenty of brownie points from your girlfriend. Women, after all, love receiving a bouquet of their favorites. But there are wildflowers just waiting to be picked from meadows, woodland and even the roadside and you can create your own blooming marvellous bunch for no cost whatsoever. She’ll love the thought and effort you’ve gone to too.

See free attractions

Spending the day with your date can be done relatively cheaply if you plan it around free attractions. Museums, art galleries, even a loving stroll around your city hand-in-hand taking in things you wouldn’t normally take for granted can all add up to a fun date.  And best of all, it might cost you the price of a cup of coffee as you give your feet a quick break.

Use free online dating sites

All of the dating ideas can help save you money, but what if you aren’t at that point yet? What if you haven’t actually found a partner? If you are still on the hunt for a partner, try using the best dating site but don’t jump in and buy a subscription immediately. Try out the free features and see how far you actually get. You might land yourself dates without spending anything on joining costs or monthly fees.


It is clear from our simple pointers that you don’t have to spend big when dating online. Try the tricks and tips and see how far you can actually go without breaking the bank.