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The Dutch online gambling market is soon to be opened not later than October 1st. And Dutch gamblers should now learn how to select the right online provider to play with. Keep reading below to find out more! 

The Netherlands will finally have its own legal and regulated market starting October 1st, thanks to the Dutch Remote Gambling Act that has finally passed this year. The act was pushed back for more than a year until the Dutch government finally passed it, and now it is expected to be implemented in October. This is definitely good news for all Dutch casino enthusiasts like you.

But, the good news doesn’t stop here. As the market is just about to open, experts believe that over 40 different online casinos will apply for a gambling license to be able to provide their casino games to Dutch players. As the country is finally opening its online gambling market, the authorities have also set up a regulatory body that will be responsible for supervising the market, licensing legit online casino games providers, and ensuring that Dutch players are protected during the gambling activities.

If you are an old-time casino enthusiast, you’ve likely played casino games online before. However, since the country didn’t have a legal and regulated market, the only option you probably had was to turn to providers that weren’t regulated in your country. For this reason, the provider likely had all the power in the type of services they would offer. However, things will soon change as the regulatory body of games of chance, KAS, will be supervising them and their activities. So, you can be sure that you’ll have safer gambling experiences starting in October.

However, how great your gambling experiences are will also depend on you to make the best choice when playing at an online casino. So, this is a guide to help you choose the right online casino as soon as the online gambling Dutch market opens up.

Check the online provider.

The number one rule in choosing the right online casino is to check how legit the casino is. Unfortunately, as the market is new and there are a lot of things that Dutch players still don’t know about gambling and how a trustworthy online provider should look like. For this reason, many ill-intentioned individuals will try to take advantage of it.

So, it would be best if you made sure that the online casino you choose is regulated by KAS and it’s trustworthy.

Think about it: online gambling implies using real money to play. So, you wouldn’t just give someone your money without checking their trustworthiness first, right? It goes the same when it comes to the online provider you make a deposit with. You have to ensure that the provider will protect your money and data and won’t make you become the victim of an online scam.

Besides checking if KAS regulates the provider, it is also a good idea to check the reviews of other players. The online provider is likely offering its services to players in other countries as well. So, check the players’ reviews from that countries to see whether or not you can trust the online casino.

See if the website offers excellent UX.

The online casino website can have a significant influence on how great are the gambling experiences you have while playing.

User experience is extremely important these days, and it is only natural for the online provider to ensure that its website is responsive, optimized for mobile, it’s easy to navigate, and has helpful and relevant content.

Think about it: when playing, you’d likely hate it if the website doesn’t load fast enough. Or, if you decide to play from your smartphone for increased comfort, you’d probably don’t appreciate using a website that doesn’t load and display correctly on a smaller device.

What’s more, how optimized and modern the design of a website is can also be an indicator of how legit the provider is. An outdated design that doesn’t offer great UX is a sign that the online casino doesn’t really care about the experience gamblers have while playing with them.

Read the deposit, withdrawal, and bonus terms.

Another important thing you must do before choosing an online casino is to read the deposit, withdrawal, and bonus terms carefully. All these things are related to your money. So, it’s only natural to make sure you know what the casino requires you to do.

When it comes to the deposit and withdrawal processes, make sure that the online provider is very transparent and provides you with multiple payment solutions.

As for the bonuses and offers, make sure that they really are advantageous. If a bonus looks too good to be true at first glance, it probably really is, and there’s some fine writing there that somehow restricts the way you can use the reward. You can see how good rewards look like by taking a look at the best online promotions at pronto casino.

Look for customer support options.

No matter how legit the online provider is and how well its website works, some problems can still happen at some point. Whether it’s a technical issue or a question you may have, having a customer support option to reach out to the provider is a must.

So, check whether or not the online casino offers multiple customer support options so that you know you’ll receive help when needed.

Think about what you want.

Last but not least, also keep in mind what you want the online casino to offer you. More precisely, think about the type of gambling experiences you wish to have. For example, maybe you like playing a particular casino game. Make sure that the online provider offers this option.

Or, maybe you only want to play from your mobile devices. In that case, make sure that you prioritize mobile optimization as a must-have for the online provider you choose.