You may have heard cannabis users suggesting that one should stick to a specific type of cannabis, but you may not have known why they recommend that. Well, cannabis comes in different genetics, and its benefits differ from one genetic to another. Some contain very high levels of THC (the high effect), while others have high levels of CBD (the medicinal product). This information is vital if you are a cannabis user, especially if you would like to grow your cannabis at home. It may appear challenging to choose the right cannabis genetic for your climate and growing conditions, but you will be better placed after reading this guide.

If you are a regular cannabis user, you may have encountered some weed that ultimately made you feel different in a good way. Maybe you have revisited to find the same weed, but it doesn’t seem easy to find it. The secret lies in the cannabis strain or genetics. When growing cannabis, the genetic type, environment, and evolution determines its final form. The genetic may be the same, but the final product may differ in color, flavor, smell, and resin production when grown in different environments. If you plan on growing cannabis seeds, it is crucial to understand cannabis genetics as you look for where to buy marijuana seeds. There are three main pure types, including Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. The hybrid varieties usually are a combination of the pure types to bring out different effects of cannabis. Let us look at them.

Cannabis Sativa

Almost everyone knows Cannabis Sativa because it is the most common type grown across different parts of the world. People have been growing it for hundreds of years as a source of seed oil, industrial fiber, medicine, recreational product, food, and spiritual purposes. According to historical recordings, cannabis Sativa initially came from the equatorial regions of South East Asia, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand.  The most common characteristic of these areas is that they are relatively warm, which means that the plant thrives well in warm conditions or climate.

When you grow cannabis Sativa plants well, they can grow tall up to 4-5meters with wide branches, long internodes, and large narrow-bladed leaves. Their vegetation periods are usually long since growing and flowering can take up to six months. As a result, they have high yields, but on average, cannabis Sativa THC levels are usually lower than cannabis Indica strains. Cannabis sativa is characterized by its sharp fruity or sweet smell to an earthy with diesel or pepper-like aroma. Sativa strains such as Blue Dream, Nigerian Haze, or Lemon G have an uplifting and energetic effect that helps keep the user energized and focused. It is suitable for use in the morning before a mentally or physically straining activity. Its stimulating effect has seen many artists become regular users to revitalize their creativity. However, it is associated with hallucinations and laughing uncontrollably. Medicinal benefits include pain relief, nausea relief, muscle relaxation, and increased appetite.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica strains are also common and came from the Hindu Kush mountain areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Morocco. People in these areas widely grow it. Cannabis Indica strains from Homegrown Cannabis Co usually develop into short bushy plants with wider leave blades than the cannabis Sativa strains. They can extend up to 6feet, and their yield ranges at 1.5-2.5ounces per plant. Its THC levels are usually higher than the cannabis Sativa strains. Their flowering duration takes 8-12weeks, and their short nature indicates that they are suitable for growing indoors.

A cannabis Indica plant can produce different flavors ranging from lavender, blueberry, earth, and pine to skunk. Indica strains give a relaxing, euphoric, or sedative effect, making it suitable for night time use. Since it has high THC levels, cannabis Indica use results in a heightened psychoactive effect plus a full-body high. Indica strains such as Hindu Kush, Afghani, and Grape Ape have medicinal benefits such as relieving depression, fatigue, and relaxation to epilepsy and multiple sclerosis patients. Many people grow Indica strains to obtain higher THC levels for recreational purposes, but there are efforts to produce CBD rich strains for medicinal use.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis is an auto-flowering type that has been found to withstand harsh climates or environments. It can grow despite natural or human disturbances in an area and is commonly found in parts of Asia, Russia, and Central or Eastern Europe. For a long time, people have considered Ruderalis to be a wild strain of cannabis, so it is not often discussed. However, people are now growing it indoors and mixing it with Sativa and Indica to make hybrids.

Cannabis Ruderalis plants have sturdy stems that can grow up to 2.5feet. Unlike the cannabis Sativa and Indica, whose auto-flowering seasons are influenced by photoperiod, the grower induces the cannabis Ruderalis’ auto-flowering period. The auto-flowering takes place between 21-30days during vegetation regardless of the light cycle. It takes approximately 70-110days to become mature for harvesting since the germination.

As a pure strain, Ruderalis doesn’t contain enough THC levels. Still, when a grower combines it with other Indica or Sativa strains, it can result in exotic auto-flowering hybrids with unique potency and flavors.

Hybrid varieties of cannabis

Hybrid cannabis varieties usually combine cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica or Ruderalis and are combined differently according to ratio. The commercially available hybrids mostly contain a mix of Ruderalis, Indica, or Sativa, mostly preferred for medicinal benefits since auto-flowering types do not have the best taste or flavor. Recreational users prefer hybrid varieties of cannabis Indica and Sativa.

To develop hybrid strains, companies collect a specific seed strain that has been there for generations mixed with another already existing strain in a lab. The testing continues for quite some time until they achieve a specific clour, flavor, and aroma, then they launch it into the market. Typically, a hybrid is usually an improvement of the parent genetic that seeks to meet the users’ needs of a high-quality strain. Therefore there are many hybrid strains in the cannabis market.

The final words

If you are a marijuana user or would like to grow it, now you have a basic knowledge of the different cannabis genetics in the market. You are in a better position to find a suitable one for your needs.