Summer is a fun time with all the happening vibes and what can be more exciting than planning a beach holiday. The sandy shores, the turquoise sea water all add to the much-needed relaxation that you might be looking for. However, holidays are all about relaxation, and you can only have a relaxing time if the entire experience is plagued with discomfort and stress factors. If you plan your trip the smart way, this problem will be eliminated, and you will be able to enjoy a telexing holiday. All you need to do is to follow a few tips, and you are good to go.


It is no brainer that you do need storage to put your belongings, but there is not much to stay abut what kind of luggage. In fact, knowing the right kind of luggage for the right kind of trip is often very important. Backpacks can be a lifesaver on holidays such as beach holiday. You should bring a backpack even if you are already traveling with a large trolley. Most beach destinations are not very trolley friendly, plus you will be going on your island hopping and other similar activities. A popular idea is to leave your suitcase behind at the hotel and carry your backpacks on the short expeditions with all your essentials including your travel docs in your backpack. When choosing a backpack, look for something that is appropriately sized. You need not to go for a big backpack if you are also taking a trolley suitcase.


The number of clothes that you will be taking depends highly on the number of days that you plan to stay. However, try to pack as light as possible. Two pair of jeans, two shorts, and a few trees should suffice for a 10-day trip. You do not need to pack any formal clothing. Two pairs of denim, two shorts, and a few tees are more than enough for a ten-day trip.


Do not feel tempted to take five different pairs of shoes, A pair of joggers or sneakers and a pair of Hawaiians are more than enough, In fact, Hawaiians are the best for summer beach trips or their breathable styles and ease of carrying and cleaning on sandy shores.

Wrist Watch

If snorkeling or a scuba diving is on your cards, then a good divers watch is a must-have. Remember that your regular water resistant watch, regardless of how reputed the brand is, will not work underwater. Divers watches are specially designed to work in the marine environment and can sustain the water pressure up to a certain extent. A good option is to get a bvlgari watch. These watches do not only sport a watchmaking genius and great design aesthetics but can also work exceptionally well under water.


Even if you are staying at a luxury hotel, pack your essential toiletries along. You never know how the hotel provided toiletries react to your skin and scalp. Do not forget to take a good sunscreen with an SPF or minimum.