With the plethora of online casinos on the market nowadays, it’s getting harder to convince players to join a specific one, especially if it is a new one. That is why the operators come up with ever more inventive ways to attract players to their websites and subsequently also keep them around for the long haul.

We’re looking at a couple of tricks, online casinos have up their sleeves to convince players to register with them.

Offering a kick-ass welcome package

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression is what they say, so it’s only natural that online casinos go all out with their welcome offers. A lot of the time, those initial bonuses are what draws new players in and helps them decide if they want to register an account.

The most effective way remains the no deposit bonus. No matter if it’s just a couple of free spins in a popular or new slot or if the online casino feels generous and grants new players a starting budget of €10 to try out the games, they wish in real money mode. No deposit bonuses are a huge hit among casino players the world over.

What players tend to forget in their excitement over an assumed gift by their new online casino is that no deposit bonuses usually come with hefty terms that almost guarantee that the casino gets off scot-free. Normally, you’ll have sky-high wagering requirements as well as low withdrawal limits for incurred wins from a no deposit bonus.

That’s not to say they aren’t a great way to get to know a new casino for free, but players should rid themselves of the delusion that they can actually hit it big with a no deposit bonus. It’s still a popular tool to attract players and online casinos will continue to use it as long as it works.

Going non-sticky

When it comes to deposit bonuses, there is an often-overlooked distinction between sticky bonuses and non sticky bonuses.

A sticky bonus means that your bonus will remain on your account until you have lost it all or you’re able to withdraw it. A non-sticky bonus also has to be wagered until you can withdraw it, but you’ll always have the option to work with your real money deposit. Now, if you withdraw real money from your account, your bonus money will disappear and with it all the winnings that you acquired with it up to that point.

But you still have the advantage of being able to withdraw money at any point that is taken away from you in the case of a sticky bonus.

This is why non-sticky bonuses are the way to go nowadays as they are much fairer for the user and will attract players that are looking for a trustworthy casino adhering to best practices.

Keeping the players around

It’s not just about attracting players. Online casinos also want them to stick around past their use of the welcome bonus.

There are a lot of ways to entice players to keep playing for the long haul. Some of those include a great game selection. But let’s be honest. Nowadays, almost every new casino boasts a selection including hundreds of not thousands of awesome slots, a live casino bringing a casino atmosphere to your living room, and a good selection of table games.

So, casinos are looking to also offer a number of regular bonuses that keep veterans playing. Those can include weekly free spins, regular reload bonuses and things like cashback offers to lessen the blow of a losing streak.

Tournaments, missions, and prize drops or prize draws are another good way to keep players entertained and interested in coming back.

But one of the most sure-fire methods to keep your player base are loyalty or VIP programs. Rewarding players with ever more interesting perks for coming back and wagering their money at an online casino will keep them doing just that and generate a loyal group of players that keep coming back.

Knowing that an online casino cares for the players that keep them afloat will create trust and loyalty and that is invaluable for any good online casino.