One of the most renowned trading instructors in the world- Timothy Sykes, has a whole bunch of educational packages and services for aspiring traders. As per reports, every month, there are several thousands of searches on Google with different variants of his name. It’s no wonder that people are looking to turn small stocks into large gains, making quick profits through some smart and savvy hacks from the master of day trading penny stocks.

As goes the legendary story about his skills as a penny stockbroker, Timothy Sykes had partaken in day trading these stocks, incredibly converting a sum of $12,415 of his bar mitzvah gift money into a whopping $2,000,000! Now, that’s quite a story of how it all began for Tim, isn’t it? Soon after, he had set up a hedge fund- ranked one of the best short-biased funds in the country. Despite experiencing brief spells of losses, the hedge fund remained up through and through by some percentage.

But that’s not all there is to the fame and anticipation around Timothy Sykes. Skeptics challenge the very claim of Sykes that he made so much money by brokering penny stocks, calling the phenomenon the Timothy Sykes Scam. Judging by the man’s net worth, there is not a speck of doubt that he is a stellar entrepreneur, but all that money from penny stocks? We would need to separate fact from fiction around this mythical millionaire to see.

A Legit Claim of Making Two Million Dollars Out of Penny Stocks

Tim Sykes claims to have made two million dollars out of Penny Stocks, and there is perhaps more truth in it than fiction!

Perhaps anyone remotely interested in stock trading knows about the website, in existence since 2007, and his more recent project– a quality alert service for traders. All thanks to the razzmatazz of his brand adverts and the focus put on the person’s extravagant millionaire lifestyle, the profile of Timothy Sykes is hard not to notice.

His claim to fame and millionaire status rests on two things- the way he redoubled his bar mitzvah money just by brokering penny stocks, and later used all the trading wisdom to teach others his big strategy.

While we cannot ascertain how much money he got at hand to begin this journey with, we do know that the person’s net worth by the time he was 21, was really as he claims, that of $1.65 million. By this point, Timothy Sykes was running a successful blog giving out nuggets of strategizing wisdom to stock trading enthusiasts, he had published a much sought-after book- An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator 7 Created a Hedge Fund, and also investing in other kinds of stocks.

So, if you think you can make two million from scratch in penny stocks combined with teaching about stock brokering, as inspired by Tim Sykes rightfully, you probably can!

Tim Sykes Calls Out the Scams

Tim has a flair for calling out the scams in the brokerage market, and he lays out the markers of stock sales right out in the open too! Though people who are more occupied with Tim’s social media handles plastered with larger than life images of luxury, often overlook the pitfalls of engaging in stock brokering naively, the scam proofing tips handed out by Tim are among his best offers.

Be it has social media featuring fast cars, lavish vacations at exotic venues, or images of hard cash overflow, Tim knows how to strike a chord with ambitious traders, but one thing the master broker unequivocally teaches is to reserve reasonable doubt for every brokerage offer. His calling out of ‘pump and dump’ scams are popular and greatly useful for earmarking outed brokers and their dishonest brokering tactics and never to fall for dealing with the kind in the future.

Trading Education with Tim

Following several of his massive successes in the stock market, Tim has come out as a trading guru. Prolific trade educators like Nathan Michaud and Cameron Fous have nothing but followed his lead in giving out online courses. Trading primers and in-depth courses offered by Tim includes– PennyStocking (part 1 and 2), TimFundamentals, ShortStocking, and more. These deal with various trading subjects. As a new guy entering the world of trading exchanges, you will be at great ease following the primers by Tim on how to set up a hedge fund and how to stay wary of scam stocks.

Tim relates recent trade scenarios to elucidate his points and keeps a wide gallery of easy to follow videos to help out newbies. The video lesson archive has over four thousand videos with tickers to make your search for the right case scenario easy. Tim’s web forum-, is a perfect place to start your journey in stock trading. Look for videos by topic, ticker, date, or strategy, most of them free to watch. There is also a chatroom on, where you can exchange your views with fellow aspiring traders and run upon a goldmine of alerts on good stocks by experienced traders. Tim is the chief moderator in this chatroom, and he will keep you updated with exclusive scoops on ripe stocks. The alert-style notifications by Tim will keep you on the right track, and safeguard you from making bad trading decisions.

To conclude, we must acknowledge Tim as a prolific trading educator, especially for tenderfoots in the stock trading business, and take full advantage of learning from his online platforms. However, it’s probably best to be a skeptic about his tall claims of making ridiculously big money just from penny stocks!