We all have heard this famous saying prevention is better than the cure all our life, and why wouldn’t it be as popular as it can be implemented in almost every aspect of life. Guess where we would be implying it in this blog? Drainage system. You may not be paying much attention to the cleaning of your drains and the dos and don’ts, but once a drain gets blocked as a result of your carelessness, it would be a nuisance and an absolute mess.

You may not like cleaning the drains regularly, but you won’t like dealing with the consequences of drain blockage either and would definitely hate it. So why not do yourself a little favor and the drainage system of your house and look out for the dos and don’ts to maintain a sound drainage system.

When the drains around your house are falling into disrepair, you would know it. Drains have this way of communicating their issue through a sluggish flow of drainage, gurgling sound, air bubbles, obnoxious odor, and in severe cases, drain backup. You better take immediate action when you begin to observe any of these drain blockage signs.

Also, the problem not ignored, and actions are taken immediately prove to be easy on the pocket. Timely actions are comparatively much rewarding as they help to put a stop at the problem before it turns into a disaster. Well, from your end, you must make sure that you do not give drain blockages any chance to make their way to your drains.

Don’t Allow Oil And Grease To Pass

Well, many of you may think that it would be totally fine to let oil from your dishes pass through the sink, considering that it is liquid in consistency and easily flows. This very thought is actually misleading. Even the oil and grease pass through the sink without any hindrance; it settles down in the drainage and within the pipes, gets solidified, causing a build-up which soon causes the blockage. Thus, it is always a good idea to not allow oil or grease to pass through your sink and dispose of the two off by other means. If you, by mistake, pass some hot water through the drain, which might help not allowing the fat to settle.

Look Out For What You Flush!

Wipes, multi-layered toilet paper, sanitary napkin, or any stuff other than the waste is not meant to be flushed in the commode, believing it will make its way anyhow through the drains. No, it doesn’t! Your drainage system would get awfully clogged and cause you much trouble. Dispose of these items off by other means.

Outdoor Drains Need A Little Care Too!

Well, the culprits in the case of outdoor drain blockage could be the leaves, soil, or debris. A little effort would work too, and thus, regular cleaning of the area would prevent it to a great extent.

gullideckel, manhole cover, lid

Run Hot Water Daily!

Make it a habit of regularly passing hot water through your drains to prevent oil and grease accumulation.

Use Strainers!

Picking minute particles from the dishes before running water can be a pain in the neck, and most of the time, the particles very quietly make their way through the sink without you noticing. For that, strainers are there to your rescue. Available in various size ranges, these can easily fit and catch all the particles allowing mainly water to pass through. These may be made up of mesh, metal, or silicone.

Drain covers, when placed, can catch hair, contents of beauty products, soap, which you can later get rid of after use. You would have to clean the strainers or drain covers regularly but believe us; it would be a lot better than being in a shower or bathtub and noticing water making its way back rather draining.

Drain Unblocking Agents

There are certain chemical products available that cut through the build-up and help remove all the gunk. The product clears the path and eliminates the foul smell, leaving a good fragrance filling the atmosphere.

Use Plunger

For small blockages, a plunger can be your friend too. Plunge gently and flush water gently down the drain.

These are some of the actions which can make a big difference in your life, saving you from clogged drains, a nightmare for every homeowner. Whatever it may take, make sure your drainage system is not weak. You can try different reliable hacks, such as using vinegar and baking powder accompanied by boiling water to clean your drains.

Regular maintenance would actually save you much money as the ignorance otherwise would eventually result in greater complications, which you may not be able to work on by yourself and need immediate plumbing help. Get your house’s plumbing check-up done once or twice a year anyway to ensure a sound drainage system.