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Your pet’s coat will protect them against the elements, but a thin coat can also make it feel cold and exposed to parasites and even disease. It’s up to you to keep your dog feeling clean and comfortable. This article will discuss the importance of caring for your dog’s coat and how to do it with the right tools properly. Read more below to learn more.

Importance Of Brushing Your Dog’s Hair 

Brushing your dog’s coat is not only for grooming purposes, but it also comes with different bonding and health benefits for you and your pet.

  • It’s One Of The Many Ways You Can Bond With Your Dog 

As a pet owner, brushing shouldn’t be considered a chore. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog while doing it. Most dogs enjoy the feeling of being brushed, and it makes them feel relaxed and calm. For many owners, it’s also an excellent way to destress after a rough day at work.

  • It Helps Distributes The Natural Oils In A Dog’s Coat 

Like humans, a dog’s coat also contains natural oils to keep their fur healthy and smooth. Since dogs are not used to groom themselves, these natural oils are not evenly distributed along with their hairs. Brushing their coats regularly ensures that these natural oils are evenly spread out to give their hair that healthy and shiny look. Brushing their hair also prevents any oil or grease build-ups, which can also cause tangles and mats.

  • It Helps Prevent The Formation Of Mats or Tangles 

Brushing your dog’s hair prevents the formation of mats and tangles, which can cause pain to them. Aside from causing them pain, mats can also hide skin problems like wounds, which can cause infections when left unattended. Fleas and ticks can also hide on the mats, so it’s better that you brush your dog’s hair to prevent infestation.

  • It Helps You Monitor Your Dog’s Skin 

When you brush your dog’s hair regularly, it allows you to check if they have skin problems that need to be addressed. It also lets you check if they have unusual bumps on their skin or parasites that caused some skin irritation. This is important for dogs with thick fur or dark coats because you can’t see the problem areas directly.

  • It Reduces The Unwanted Hairs Around The House 

You might be wondering why you’re frequently using your pet vacuum when cleaning the house. It might be that you’re not paying attention to your pet’s coat. Frequent brushing will help reduce shedding on your dog. This will also help make your house clean as you won’t see any unwanted hairs lying around.

  • It Keeps Your Dog Looking Good And Healthy 

A well-groomed dog is a healthy dog. Pet parents don’t want to see their dog looking like they haven’t showered in weeks. A good-looking dog is also happier, making you, the parent, comfortable as well.

Tools You Need To Brush Your Dog’s Fur 

There are different tools you can use to brush your dog’s hair. Stores like offer a wide range of brushes and combs specific for every hair type and breed. Before you can learn how to brush your dog’s hair properly, you should know the types of brushes and combs available for you:

  • Normal Hair Brushes – normal hair brushes for dogs have bristles widely spaced and made of stiff material. The strands also have protective nodes on the ends so it won’t irritate the dog’s skin.
  • Rubber Hair Brushes – these hairbrushes are made of rubber and come in different shapes and sizes. The rubber is designed to be gentle on the dog’s skin and is usually used to remove hair from the topcoat.
  • Deshedding Metal Combs – these combs are effective at pulling the top layer and the undercoat hair. Some combs also have an eject feature making them easier to clean. It’s recommended to use this comb only when the dog is shedding, as frequent use might cause some irritation.
  • Wide-tooth Combs – most groomers use metal combs with widely separated teeth because it’s much easier and faster to remove the shedding hair with it. It’s also recommended to use metal instead of plastic so it won’t break easily.
  • Slicker Brushers – these brushes are made of fine metal tines that are slightly bent. The shape of the tines is designed that way to it can grab the undercoat fur quickly. These are handy brushes, but it’s not recommended to use them on the same spot for more extended periods of brushing to irritate the dog’s skin.

How To Properly Brush Your Dog’s Hair 

After knowing the benefits and importance of brushing your dog’s fur, here are the basics of how to do it properly:

  • Always brush in the direction of the dog’s fur; however, brushing it backward can be useful as well. Just make sure that it doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable or feel pain. If you choose to brush the hair backward, ensure that you’re doing it gently and brush it back down in the right direction to prevent tangles from forming.
  • When brushing down, do it gently and in short, smooth motions. By doing this, the brush grabs the undercoat and top hairs loosely so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable.
  • If you find thinner hairs, ensure that you brush them gently. Thin coats are usually found in the stomach area.
  • Ensure you brush the whole area evenly and don’t take too much time touching in one spot. When you brush too much, it can cause skin irritations to your pet.
  • Tangle prone areas are found in the armpits and the feathers on the legs. Also, take time to see if there are tangles on the tail and behind the ears.
  • When you hit a tangle, don’t pull them out as it will damage the hair and cause pain to your dog. Gently untangle the hair with your fingers, or use a detangler before working on brushing it again.


Taking care of dogs is good for your health. But an unhealthy dog can bring so much stress. This is the reason why you should take the time to pay attention to your dog’s hair. Brushing your dog’s coat has many importance and benefits. Aside from it’s a great bonding opportunity between you and your pet, it’s also a critical activity that maintains your dog’s good health. A properly groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog.

When brushing your dog’s hair, you must use the right tools. Using the appropriate tools will ensure that your dog’s coat is untangled properly and their skin won’t get irritated. As a pet owner, you should also learn how to brush your dog’s fur properly. Ensure that you untangle their hair gently because when you do it harshly, it can cause them pain.