It is nice to think of a relaxing bath after a hectic day at work. Visiting a spa is an option. But you can save time and money if you transform your bathroom into a spa-like paradise. You can stay in it for as long as you like and stay warm when the weather gets cold.

So, if you want to be practical yet comfortable in an at-home spa, read on.

Tips to turn your bathroom into your very own spa

Your bathroom is your private space, so you take a long warm bath or a relaxing shower in it to wash away your stress. Turning it from a practical room into a more relaxing and de-stressing private space can greatly improve its atmosphere, and give you hours of relaxation and comfort without worrying about the cost. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can enhance your five senses by following these tips.

If renovating your bathroom is long overdue, take this chance to update the room. You may need to move some fixtures, do some minor remodeling and add new fixtures. You can check out the range of bathroom features and fixtures at reputable suppliers, such as JT Spas.

Do not worry if you have a small bathroom. In fact, it is easier to remodel and rearrange a small space than a large one.

1. Paint the bathroom in earthy colors

Use an earthy-toned palette for your walls. Choose colors inspired by nature, such as green, grey, brown to give it a more organic feel. Earth colors have a calming effect, but if your bathroom is quite small, choose lighter shades or add neutral colors, like pale green, light grey, and beige. With lighter shades, the room will look bigger and airier.

2. Enhance its visual appeal

The visual appeal is one of the key elements in a spa environment. Aside from being minimalist, you can create a comforting and clean look by doing the following:

  • Install dimming bathroom lights. Consult a registered electrician for this, as there are installation requirements to follow.
  • Install faux wood tiles. This is to keep in line with the natural look. Wood flooring invokes a feeling of warmth and peace. But wood is not suitable for damp areas. You can install porcelain or ceramic tiles that look like wood. They are more water-resistant and come in a wide range of wood grain patterns.
  • Minimize toiletry clutter. You can still have your favorite toiletries but to keep with the minimalist look of a spa, keep them hidden in storage bins that are in keeping with your natural look. Be sure to throw away items that you no longer use and those things that have already expired but still occupying space.

3. Touch

Most of the facilities in a spa are expensive but you still have other options. If you only have a shower stall, consider adding a tub, whether it’s a built-in one or a freestanding tub model. You can enjoy a long soak in warm, scented water if you have a tub.

If you do not have a budget for a bathtub, you should at least have a massage showerhead. It will not take any additional space in your small bathroom, but it will give you plenty of comfort and relaxation every day.

4. Install a towel warmer

Pamper yourself especially during cold weather. Feel how nice it is to wrap yourself in a warm towel to extend your feeling of comfort. There are several types and models available, from buckets, bars, to racks and cabinets. If you do not have extra space, buy a wall-mounted model that you can plug in your wall socket. It can likewise warm up your bathrobe.

Also, make sure you have quality bath towel sets if you are concerned about hygiene and we would recommend Mizu Towels for the same. Mizu luxury bath antibacterial towel sets are made with antibacterial technology to eliminate dirt. These hyper-absorbent towels are created with the finest Japanese design.

5. Enhance the spa appeal with a variety of smells

Aromatherapy is part of the spa environment. The combination of scents rejuvenates your spirit and improves your mood and health. Aside from the bath oils, you add to your bathwater, use scented soaps that will rejuvenate you. Extend the feeling by using similarly scented body lotions. Chose different scents. Aromatherapy oils are made from different fruits, flowers, barks, and leaves, and their properties soothe or heal a variety of conditions. Learn how to mix them so you can rejuvenate your body and mind.

Another thing you can do is to light scented candles. On the other hand, if you are concerned about safety, use oil diffusers instead of candles.

6. Sound

Enhance the relaxing mood with the right sound. You can download calm music, such as gentle rain, running water in a brook, waves, the wind playing on leaves, etc. When having a long soak to ease your tension and physical pain, listen to soothing music instead of loud music. It will help you relax and calm your nerves.

7. Use rolling caddies

Have all the things that you need within easy reach. With a rolling caddy, you can prepare all the accessories and other stuff that you would like to have near you so you do not have to get in and out of the tub because you forgot something. You do not need to break the relaxing atmosphere because you can easily have the things you need, including a drink, nearby.

8. Add plants

What’s more natural than having living plants inside your bathroom. Choose indoor plants that do not need too much sunlight. Look for succulents, which are very popular today, as well as other plants that require low maintenance. You can add bamboo, orchid, aloe vera, Boston fern, pothos, snake plant, or ZZ plant. Most of this helps clean the air indoors.

9. Warm up the bathroom floor

Bathroom tiles may feel very cold, especially if you are getting out of a warm bath. Extend the spa vibe and prevent your feet from getting a shock by having some trendy thick bathroom rugs. You can check out radiant floor heating, as well.

10. Stock up on pampering essentials

You go to the spa to be pampered, so stock up on the essentials for your at-home spa. Aside from the aromatherapy oils, have pampering essentials such as bath salts, body scrubs, bath bombs, books and magazines, and bath soaks. A spa bath pillow will be a luxurious addition.

It is not that difficult to turn your bathroom into a home space. With some additions and renovations, you can have your private oasis despite the size of the space.