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It was at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown that many sporting federations across the globe found out just how much money-making potential eSports have. Organisations, players as well as teams could only provide their loyal fans with any type of live content using live video games since sporting activity was stopped around the world to try and curb the spread of Covid-19.

Since this was all they could do, they decided that it was a lot better than nothing, so football leagues opted to turn to FIFA, NBA stars turned to NBA2K, while Formula 1 drivers participated in virtual Grands Prix as a means to raise some funds for charity. All of the above got a lot of attention from sports fans and many began to see how lucrative eSports can be.

Cricket is Not Really Involved Yet

Cricket organisations as well as cricket players have not really taken much interest in virtual games yet, leaving eSports as the only part of the gambling world that is yet to be fully explored by cricket. This is actually quite surprising as we feel that cricket eSports is something that has the potential to attract plenty of attention from cricket fans across the globe, especially in countries like India, where the popularity of eSports is increasing dramatically. Could you just imagine all the excitement and hype that would surround and Indian Premier League eSports competition? What more could a cricket fan ask for than the best cricket gamers, some famous commentators, and some cricket stars getting together to put on a great virtual cricket shot?

What Cricket Games Has the Biggest Chance of Being Successful?

Tennis, football, Formula 1, and basketball all have plenty of eSports games, so it is pretty surprising that a popular sport such as cricket is yet to get its own official game or eSports league. There have been many attempts by software developers to create a cricket-themed game that has the same quality and popularity as FIFA 20, but they have not managed so far. There once was a relationship between EA sports and the ICC, and EA Sports cricket-themed games were very popular at the beginning of the 21st century, but they had to eventually be discontinued thanks to copyright, piracy, and licensing problems.

Cricket Australia is the only cricketing board that is at the top of their game with regards to technological cricket inventions. They know just how much potential there is with eSports and have worked alongside Big Ant Studios to create a cricket game, Cricket 19. They really hope that this game will attract other cricket boards to get involved and help push cricket into the world of eSports. When you compare Cricket 19 with other cricket games, you will find that the former is the most immersive and life-like one out there. When you are playing it, you will certainly get to enjoy a great cricketing experience.

Despite the realistic nature of this game, there is something that you cannot do when you are playing Cricket 19, and this is bet on the action. However, if you enjoy placing bets on cricket just as much as you enjoy playing cricket games, there are many cricket bookies out there which allow you to do exactly that. We make use of to find all the best bookies for betting on cricket. The great thing about this game is that there is an amazing scenario feature – with this feature, you can recreate real-life cricketing action, meaning that you can relieve any of your bets.

Will Cricket Enter the World of eSports?

Real Cricket is a mobile cricket game that was created by Nautilus Mobile, a company from India. At this moment in time, more than 50 million people in India have downloaded it, but it has not really been given much support from official organisations and cricketing boards. There have been several Real Cricket events throughout India, but it is fair to say that there is a heck of a long way before it will be classed as being an official game.

Esports streaming platforms: where can you watch Esports online?

The number of spectators and investors in the eSports industry is something that is growing constantly, and this is going to continue to happen so long as technology continues to get better and everyone remains even more connected. It is estimated that there are around 120 million gamers in India right now, and the expanding technology industry is helping to increase these numbers considerably. In other words, what we are saying is that Indian eSports are growing extremely fast.

We are not exaggerating when we state that eSports will more than likely end up being as popular as cricket, and everyone knows how much love Indians have for cricket. If cricket is to turn into a popular eSport, then we feel that we can categorically say that India is the country that will be the main one to get it there.

Fantasy Cricket

While cricket has not yet hit it big in the eSports world like FIFA has, it is fair to say that it has in the fantasy world. Nowadays, there are many different cricket fantasy sites that you can sign up with and build your own cricket team using real-life players. These players will then play, and you will earn points according to how they perform in the games that they participate in. There will often be some very good cash prizes up for grabs, although most of the time you will need to pay a nominal fee in order to enter and be in with a chance of winning the prizes.

Why have fantasy cricket leagues become so popular and what different types of pleasure can you experience from a fantasy games when you compare it to the likes of a video game? Well, to start with, they have become extremely popular since people have the opportunity to be in full control. We are sure that you have been watching your favourite teams, no matter what sport it is, and have sat there thinking to yourself that you could do a much better job than the coach. Well, fantasy sport games give you the chance to put your money where your mouth is.

Furthermore, entering a cricket fantasy league and finishing above everyone else is not easy to do, so if you manage, it is something to be proud of, even if are just playing for fun. You will be hard pushed to find many other hobbies that will provide you with a similar experience. For example, when you complete a video game you have been playing for weeks, it is satisfying, but you have not beaten diehard fans, you have been the AI. Thus, you will get more satisfaction from winning fantasy leagues than completing a video game.

Additionally, when you play video games, you probably only think about them when you are actually playing them. However, when you sign up for a fantasy cricket league, we are certain that you will be thinking about your team and how you can improve it when you are out and about or at work. Therefore, the pleasure that you can get from playing fantasy sports is something that you can feel wherever you happen to be, while pleasure from playing video games is something that you can only feel when at home.