Board games have been here with us for a long time. Since the early centuries, they have been many Hungarian people’s favorite. However, with the advancement in technology, families, and friends no longer gather to play them.

But the majority can still remember the old board games such as the monopoly, a game that a multitude loved. Many people from Hungary, especially those belonging to the current generation, do not know that there are board games still.

Is it true that you can access them online?

You can access them online via your mobile and play some of the best board games with your friends. It’s good that it has greater convenience. You don’t have to play around the table with your friend anymore.

Everything is just a click away if you have a device to play on. There are lots of games such as those that will be mentioned by one of our experts, Peter Deli, whom we were lucky to link up with. (You can check his profile here to know more about him)

What are the top ten best mobile board games?

Below are some of the best mobile board games you can try whether you are in Hungary or any other part of the world.

The advantage is that even if you are an introverted person, you can play the game the same way you play other online casino games here and still enjoy it. Continue reading this section to find out more about them.


If you like a game where 2 to 4 players are involved, then Ascension is the game to try. It allows you to build decks. The game becomes interesting when the battle for victory and honour begins.

It’s not one of those that will take you the whole day playing. For about 10 to 30 minutes in the game, you can be victorious or the opponents. If you are new to it, you shouldn’t be worried about getting started since there is a well-illustrated tutorial.

The highlights from the games are also well represented, making it better to follow what is going on.

Ticket to Ride

If you have a kid aged four years and above, you shouldn’t let them get bored, yet they can play a mobile game. Ticket to Ride will not only leave your kid(s) excited but also yearn for more playtime.

Among the popular board games for mobile, it’s one of them that can allow you to plan for either the short or long term. You can either decide to play it for 15 days or 10 mins. It all depends on your decision.

Through the ages

Through the ages is a must-have board game that will allow you to start low and rise to the best levels. It’s majorly a pass and play game. Playing it becomes interesting when you begin with a small tribe and then expand.

Precisely, it’s a civilization game that keeps advancing as you continue playing. It’s suitable for kids at the age of 12 years and above. Adults can also play it with their friends.

Race for the galaxy

It’s one of the best strategies online board games that allows you to build space empires. That’s possible because you will have an invitation to do it by developing technologies and inhibiting planets. It’s a fantastic game that you shouldn’t forget about when you think of mobile board games.

Card thief

It’s a solitaire virtual free android game ideal for kids aged 12 years and above. However, as an adult, you can also create time and play the game since it’s just like any other mobile poker in Hungary. The exciting part of the game is where you sneak in the clouds. That allows you to steal treasures from the pocket of the soldiers without their knowledge.

Fleet battle

Fleet battle allows you to be in charge of a flight deck. As you play, you should strive to defeat the ships and rise above the ranks. It’s an ideal game, especially if you are looking for something exciting and engaging. You can also access it through the best free board game apps.

Pictionary Air

If you love drawing, Pictionary Air is a game you shouldn’t leave out. It allows you to draw in the air and use an app for illustration. The picture then emerges on the screen. You only need a smart device to get started. It’s ideal even for kids above four years.

Raiders of the North Sea

It’s a worker filed game that involves ticking boxes. However, it’s not just ticking boxes as some people may think. You can only tick boxes with fantastic artwork and excellent artwork. It’s a game worth trying.

Twilight Struggle

If you have heard or read about the complexities of the cold war, then that is what you can expect in Twilight Struggle. It’s a game that will give you a reason to yearn for more.


Catan is a perfect game that will only require you to make the long roads. However, the roads should also have the longest army. It’s a game that you can access anywhere, just like other mobile casinos in Hungary, provided you have a better device.

Board games are worth trying, especially if you are looking for something to enhance your creativity. The advantage is that they can be played even by kids as young as four years.