Whether your Honda XR400 is new to you, or if you’ve had it a while, you know that it’s always a work in progress. Just when you think it’s almost perfect, a new idea occurs to you to improve this capable and modifiable dirt machine. Your reasons for upgrades could be that you want to get a little more performance out of it, or something isn’t quite right for your riding comfort. Genuine Honda XR400 parts provide you with opportunities to build a faster, tougher, cooler dirt bike. Here are some top mods to consider for your Honda.

  1. Tires and Tubes. Few changes make a bigger difference than swapping out tires. They offer upgrades in safety and performance and affect your entire riding experience if there’s a brand your partial to, shop by manufacturer. AMS, Bridgestone, Kenda, Maxxis, Michelin and Moose Racing all make quality tires for your Honda XR400. Better tires improve handling, add traction, enhance bump absorption, and augment grip. Superior tires can make the difference between finishing in the middle of the pack in Motocross are being first across the finish line.
  2. Exhaust Accessories. You’ll want to have the right exhaust system for your type of riding. This could mean adding a spark arrestor or a silencer to your bike, for both safety and compliance. If you’re riding on public forest lands, a spark arrestor prevents sparks from igniting dry materials and starting a fire. A better silencer absorbs sound coming from the exhaust and also can enhance performance. While proper dirt bike riding gear can protect you from burns from hot components, a functional exhaust system also is important.
  3. Brake Pads and Shoes. As you’re tearing up the track, you’ll need to rely on solid brake control. That means always checking the ability of the braking system to stop you quickly. Brake components wear out and occasionally fail, so upgrading your pads and shoes is inevitable. Get the best deals and prices from top manufacturers. Brake parts by Moose Racing, Braking, EBC, Galfer, Pro X and Renthal shorten your stopping distance and make everyone you are riding with safer.

Your bike is never completely finished. There’s no such thing as perfection, but smart modifications bring you closer to your ideal machine.

Riding Gear

 No matter what machine you are driving, you’ll need to wear something. Get the best UTV women’s riding gear and accessories to make the experience more enjoyable. Boots, goggles, gloves, helmets, and more protect you when things go bad and increase your comfort on the machine. The right clothing also identifies your style and your loyalty to a favorite brand.

Goggles by Dragon, EMGO, Fox, Fly Racing Klim and other brands come in a variety of shapes and styles. State-of-the-art materials make them tough and durable enough to withstand all types of off-road adventures. They give the rider a clear vision under changing circumstances while providing anti-fog capabilities.

For the best modifications and the top dirt bike riding gear selections shop online today. Increase your enjoyment on your Honda XR400 with new and better stuff.