Instagram occupies a leading position in the world among social networks. This is a platform that is created not only for publishing photos but also for advertising your own business, blog, or personal account. There is a large concentration of people selling branded things or running a blog. Everyone wants to become popular and gain a lot of views because this is a direct way to make money online.

However, SMM trends often change, so it is crucial to follow them to keep users interested and not lose subscribers. Therefore, if you are still not a client of ​​Aitarget Com or any other promotional service, we recommend you to learn from the people with the largest number of subscribers.

Top-7 Instagram Profiles to Follow

Cristiano Ronaldo — 322 million subscribers

Now, the forward of the Italian Juventus and the official titleholder of the best footballer of Portugal of all time is unofficially considered the best player of our time. He is the winner of the Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot, Player of the Year awards, and many unique records in the football industry. Cristiano Ronaldo does not complain about the lack of attention, and, therefore, his Instagram account is equally filled with pictures from the pitch and in the company of his family.

Ariana Grande — 256 million subscribers

Ariana Grande is a bright star of the American pop stage, which is also conquering the European continent. The young singer has awards and nominations on both sides of the Atlantic. Grande has successfully recorded several commercially popular albums, dubbed cartoons, starred in serials and TV shows. Her stage image hasn’t formed yet and account subscribers take an active part in it. Ariana often publishes custom collages, short videos, and photos that are sent to her by subscribers.

Kylie Jenner — 255 million subscribers

Designer outfits, jewelry, photographs from the dressing room and in the company of famous people — it is unlikely that millions of subscribers to the young model’s account expected something else. Kylie, being younger than her sister Kendall, has already significantly surpassed her in the number of subscribers, but the methods and purposes of using the Instagram service for the two ex-participants of the Kardashian Family show are identical. If you want to follow the news from the bohemian community and the career of a rising star, this is probably not a bad choice.

Kim Kardashian — 241 million subscribers

She is not so much a TV star and businesswoman, but a legend of modern times, an idol for numerous fans and connoisseurs of glamour. Her image allows generating megatons of visual content that is used for a wide variety of purposes, and each new publication invariably causes hype. It is no longer so important what will be shown next time — her subscribers are happy with any news.

Leo Messi — 241 million subscribers

This legendary man is the owner of a truly countless number of sporting achievements, a permanent hero of the tops of football ratings, a constant contender for the title of the best football player of all time for several years in a row. The Argentinian has won so much fame and respect that he got tired of it a long time ago. He certainly does not need another source — his account on Instagram Messi uses to publish photos with friends and family.

Beyonce — 197 million subscribers

The legendary personality of the world of show business is one of the hundred most influential representatives of the music industry. Beyonce’s albums are sold in tens of millions of copies. There is no free space on her awards wall — which brings her the status of the most nominated singer in the history of the Grammy Award. She successfully dominates her sphere but is constantly under the critics.

National Geographic — 175 million subscribers

This is the only account on this list that has nothing in common with the world of gloss, big money, or fame. The magazine with almost a 1,5 century of history has not changed the old traditions with the advent of digital technologies and social networks — the best documentary pictures about our planet are published here. A person acts only as a cautious observer of wildlife and shots of original life in distant parts of the world. All of them are distinguished by excellent quality, as opposed to the attempts of tourists with smartphones.

In Conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique conditions for communication between brands, bloggers, influencers, and their subscribers. The situation in 2021 has once again proved the importance of promotion on social networks. Those who have been working online for a long time did not lose their income during quarantine, but on the contrary, increased it. So, master your social networks, follow trends, grow your business, and if something doesn’t work out — turn to the team of specialists.