The holiday season is just around the corner, and most people are already planning their next destination. For most people, vacations mean a trip to somewhere around the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, or maybe the highlands and villages of Europe. However, very few take a leap of faith to travel to the far off destinations in the Asian continent. Interestingly, South Asia is home to some of the best and the most unique travel destinations in the world. Here are some of the top travel destinations in South Asia that should be on your travel bucket list.


The largest island in the land of beaches, Thailand, has everything that you would wish for at a perfect holiday destination. Easy accessibility, sandy white beaches, adrenaline-boosting water and adventure sports, fun and parties, nature walks through the rainforests and a lot more. Once in Phuket, you will find that no amount of time is enough to explore the island fully. The island is also home to filming locations of some of the most popular international movies. Phuket is one of those destinations that keep calling the tourists back to visit it over and over again.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is yet another beautiful island destination in Thailand. Despite being in the same region, Koh Samui has an entirely different vibe to it altogether. You will feel the vibe as soon as you will land on the beautiful Samui airport. The small airport is one of the most beautifully built airports in the world that blends well with the island’s natural feel. The island is home to beautiful resorts, limestone cliffs, white beaches, and dense forests and waterfalls.


The Maldives is home to over two thousand islands resting amidst clear blue waters. The islands are sandy white shores with beautiful wooden water villas erected above the turquoise waters. Some of the islands are operated privately by world-class hotel chains which offer you all the amenities of a modern hotel and an unmatched mental and physical relaxation.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, despite being a South Asian destination, has nothing to do with beaches. If you have been exploring the South Asian region for a while and are looking for a respite from the tropical heat and humidity, you will fall in love with a valley like Chiang Mai. The hill station is nestled in the northern mountainous region of the Thai kingdom and is best known for its green valleys, rice paddies and an all-natural environment. You can book ChiangMai Tours to explore some beautiful ancient temples, waterfalls, trekking trails and nearby villages.


Singapore is an urban metropolis, unlike other famous South Asian destinations. However, despite being a metropolis, it is worth a visit. Singapore is one of those distinct cities in the world, which despite all its modern infrastructure, has managed to sustain its natural forests. The city has a beautiful landscape cocooned in between gardens and forests. It is home to modern attractions such as Universal Studios, Sentosa Islands, Singapore Zoo and a lot more. The city is also known for its impeccable standards of cleanliness and administration in general.