You can’t exactly apply trickery in passing a certification exam, but you sure can apply tricks in getting your study preparation up to scratch. Passing an exam like 300-208- one of the four that you need to pass in order to gain the CCNP Security certification- should require no ifs or buts. The rest three exams include 300-206, 300-209, and 300-210. If the precise study resources are right under your nose, then it’s only a matter of time before you can precisely learn, master, and pass the exam.

You must think that you’re alone in obtaining your certification, but we’re here to walk with you. Hence, we’ve chronicled little tips and tricks to help you effectively understand and learn the CCNP Security Exam 300-208. Instead of pointing your compass aimlessly, you must know where to properly invest your time. So, without much delay, let us begin with a brief background of the important exam you’re about to pursue.

What it means getting Exam 300-208

Earning a passing score of Exam 300-208 means you can wear the emblem of a certified network security engineer. Since the CCNP certification is a level step up from the CCNA, the Security exam now requires you to showcase an in-depth comprehension in the matters of security access. To enunciate, this is through the employment of Cisco TrustSec and 802.1X. For this reason, you must have knowledge of its elements, the framework of Cisco Identify Services or ISE, along with the necessary solutions and actions needed in responding, mitigating, and combating threats on a network. The answers you present will determine your level of mastery in network security and all the collective effort you’ve poured in the exam preparation.

Go back to your roots

Each certification is as important as the next. Why? Because every certification path connects to one another. Now, if you’ve decided to throw everything you’ve learned from the previous certification levels, specifically the entry and associate level straight into the memory trash, then it only makes sense to pick them up and do some recycling. It’s hard to move forward into the CCNP certification exam without refreshing your understanding of the CCNA certification exam. Going back to the fundamentals of the CCNA course will help you connect the dots since the CCNP test is basically interwoven with the CCNA.

Set up a CCNP lab and practice – a lot

Having no initiative to build your own lab is nothing but a quicker route to failure. The only way for you to fully master networking and the Cisco CCNP devices is by getting down with a lab. Cisco’s very own can be of good use in practicing your skills through it’s simulative, portable, and smooth-flowing virtual internet routing lab.

Work on your hands-on knowledge

Being well-informed just won’t do. Since we’re talking about professional level certification here, there is a need for you to transform that bookish knowledge into hands-on, practical knowledge. This tip basically connects to the one raised above. Right on your lab is where the rest of the magic takes place. Using real, solid equipment, you can spend more time applying and nurturing your knowledge. Remember that the CCNP Security certification, like all the other Cisco certifications, prioritizes both the level of your knowledge and skills.

Ally with a study group

In general, joining a study group has always been a good idea. It helps circulate more discussions, questions, and explanations, thus keeping the lines open for more understanding of the topics. However, even though it’s a study group, you must still do the toil individually. The CCNP Study Group is where you can find similarly-driven test-takers exchange ideas with one another. Another way is by joining a group while swapping updates related to networking or gain practical, problem-solving techniques. A study group, a forum, and the like are two-way processes where you can easily give and receive knowledge to and from different learners.

Let PrepAway lead the way

Reviewing your weak and strong points is a must-do step before the day of exam approaches. Yet not having an idea on what kind of questions will greet you on the official exam can be nerve-wracking. To ease your worry a little bit, PrepAway has prepared a number of sample questions that can guide you. This will enable you to familiarize, not memorize, the kind of exam questions that may probably appear on the test. If you’re unacquainted to this online resource, PrepAway is only a search away on the net. It provides a package consisting of a study guide, lectures, as well as a set of questions & answers.
Furthermore, PrepAway helps you keep track of your daily progress. You can choose to give more time to work on areas you’re still not familiar with. Though there are other alternatives offered in the market, PrepAway is undeniably favored by many.

Attend an instructor-led training course

Another alternative you can spend time on is enrolling for an instructor-led training course. For five days, your skills in applying control in network access, taking on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), implementing MAC Authentication Bypass as well as mitigating risks through Cisco’ Identity Services Engine, among many others are expected to spruce up.


Luck may have its strange ways during exams, but that only works if you have had at least a year of experience or background in IT. However, if you’ve had zero to none preparation or even a sprinkle of knowledge regarding network security, then it’s easier to bet on winning the lottery than passing the exam 300-208. In this sense, it might be nearly impossible to have luck work its way out for you. So, instead of goofing around and choosing the easy way out, simply stick to a doable schedule and keep these study tips in mind.