Wedding stationery is usually the very first thing that has to be done in the many intricate parts of wedding planning. And, if you’re looking to cut costs, then making your invitations yourself will be a cheaper and perhaps even fun option.

Here we have created a guide for making DIY wedding invitations. If customizing and printing out your cards seem like a daunting task, following this guide might help you realize that it’s much easier to make your own wedding invitations than it seems.

How to Make Wedding Invitations

Set a Budget

Like everything else wedding related, you must have a budget for your wedding stationery, invitations included. The aim of the budget is to guide your spending in choosing options that work with your budget and not against it. This will help in choosing designs, printing options, type of paper, and so on. Also keep the number of guests in mind, as most couples send one invite per couple, family or individual.

Your Design

If you have a theme of your wedding, then you can allow that guide you in choosing the design for your invitation cards. This also applies to your color scheme. To design your own wedding invitations, just like your save the dates, sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. It is at this point you will decide if a detailed or minimal design is required. When making this decision, also remember to keep your budget in mind.

There are lots of different styles of invitation cards. Flat DIY lace wedding invitations, folded cards, wallet type cards, which are helpful for inserts and RSVPs. Your style of the card should loosely depend on the amount of information you’ve decided to have on your invitation. As for the color of the cards, it’s usually better to go for neutral colors to serve as a background, and then add deeper colors with ribbons, embellishments, and with the printing.

In the design, you will also need to consider the texture of the card. From gloss to rustic wedding invitations, or vintage tapestry. This will also add to the overall look and feel of the cards.

Wedding Invitation Card Decorations

While it is a good thing to be creative, there is also an elegant beauty in simplicity. Embellishments come in a wide range of styles and colors. Try to stick to your color scheme, and use decorative strips, wraps, or paper to add some sparkle to your cards. You could use a contrasting colored ribbon down the spine of the card as decoration and also as a divider.

Also, choose the style and color of your inserts if any. These inserts can be mounted on a contrasting card or decorative papers. The insert should be in line with the style of the rest of the invitation. Also, try to use a clear and easy to read font. For glue, use adhesive tape pens to avoid messy gluing. Inserts should be attached close to the spine of the card, on the left-hand side. PVA craft glue can also be used as an adhesive when making your cards.


Regarding envelopes, ensure that you have the right sizes to fit your invitations. Also, include the postage cost in your budget and keep in mind that thicker letters might cost more to send.

You can make your envelopes special since this is the first thing your guests will see when they receive your invitation. You could use textured paper to make them stand out.

Solicit Help

Creating your own wedding invitations, as fun as interesting as it might sound, is not something you can do alone. So, do not be shy to solicit help from your family and friends. You could put out drinks and snacks to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Give each person a certain task for each step of the creation, and before you know it, your DIY wedding invitations are done.

Even if you are unsure of creating your wedding invitations by yourself from scratch, another option will be to buy a DIY invitation kit that has to do it yourself wedding invitations templates. This makes everything so much easier and has easy, practical steps for you to follow. Some kits come complete with already folded elegant looking wedding invitations and inserts already cut. All that would remain would be to print, embellish, and send. Wedding stationery does not have to cost an arm and a leg or have you spend above your budget. All you need is time and good planning to get your own personalized wedding invitation cards.