A lot of people have decided to study medicine abroad, and it sure is a memorable experience. It’s even more so if they use it as a traveling opportunity. In this article I will present you with the options there are to make your stay while studying abroad a wonderful adventure and a part of your life to remember with a smile.

Studying Medicine Is an Incredible Journey

Living in a country where most people choose to emigrate for better options for studying I’ve seen a lot. I have friends who’ve gone to study medicine in Europe in extremely beautiful cities like Vienna, Varna, Sofia, Bucharest, Košice, etc. However, they haven’t gone to the city centers even once not speak of exploring other areas and cities around them.

They claim that this is mainly due to the fact that they go through excessive periods of studying and all that, but I think these are just mere excuses. I believe that working hard should be combined with good rests and moments when you can relax to the fullest without thinking of studying or working at all.

You should be able to organize yourself and juggle tasks with productive rests so that you don’t stress out as many of my friends who’ve fallen into depression.

Use Everything To Your Advantage

Let me give you an example of how you can use the circumstance of being abroad to your advantage and make your stay an unforgettable journey. I have a friend who went to study dentistry in Europe 3 years ago. More specifically, he went to Bucharest, which if you haven’t heard about is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the whole continent. Imagine being there without getting to explore it and its surroundings, horrible.

So this person had made a plan to spend a weekend in an interesting place or a city around Bucharest at least once every month. The fact that he had put this in his planner he was able to organize his studies accordingly and actually be able to afford this.

He told me stories of how he visited the Mogosoaia, Laguna Verde Fishing Resort and many more. Through his 3 years of stay in Bucharest, I bet that he’s seen and explored even more than some actual Romanians. Later on, he visited Varna on the beach of Bulgaria where he met other of his friends who study medicine there.

Not only that he gets to travel around the country, but he is also a straight-A student. I’m far from thinking that he is a genius of any sort, I actually believe that there is a strict correlation between how he handles stress and his productivity. When I first started studying medicine, I used to put days and nights into studying, and at the end, I was so burnt out that I couldn’t really take it anymore. I scored bad grades at the end of the term even though I had studied more than any other of my colleagues. I then decided to start using different ways of dealing with stress while studying and I got back on track.

My friend’s strategy sure serves him well and makes him more productive. Not only that he gets to study dentistry abroad, but he also gets to travel around and make the most out of his students’ years.

Your Turn To Pursue Your Dream

Now that I’ve shown you the opportunities you should start thinking of studying abroad not just as something that you have to get over with but also as a way to explore whole new different worlds and aspects of life.

Decide to travel to study medicine or dentistry in Europe today!


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