In the recent past, Thailand has managed to attract a lot of attention from western travelers. The country is best known for its tropical sandy beaches blue waters and undiscovered gems of nature. That being said, the very place that is responsible for providing a transit hub to travelers who wish to travel to the father islands of the country is often ignored as a tourist destination. Bangkok, the capital city of the Thai kingdom, receive thousands of travelers and visitors every day making the Bangkok is International Airport one of the busiest in the world. However, most of the travelers that land in Bangkok takes a connecting flight to other destinations in the count into Bangkok As business travelers.

When it is true that Bangkok has an extremely busy economic activity and is primarily a cosmopolitan, open center; however that does not make it any less of a potential tourist destination. With a vibrant culture, happening nightlife, dental rising food, and exciting attractions Bangkok have something to offer to every kind of tourist. Here are some of the main reasons that make Bangkok a true tourist magnet.

Night Life

If there is one destination in Asia that has the true flavor of western nightlife, it is definitely Bangkok. The city never goes to sleep when it comes to the happening nightlife. As the shopping mall is in offices close down, The nightclubs and bars open up offering some of the finest would ideally of booze and some of the best DJs with fun dancing music across the city. There are certain parts of the city that that stay up till the wee hours in the morning and people flopped to these nightclubs and bars for some late night Music, dance, drinks, and even food. There are also a few theatrical performances and cultural shows to keep you hooked. One can never get bored in Bangkok.


Whether you are a solo backpacker, a honeymoon couple are a family with young kids, Bangkok has some of the incredibly exciting attractions for every visitor. If you are a fan of animal safaris and cannot travel to the famous ones in Africa, Bangkok is Safari world will give you the flavor of an interactive wildlife Safari. The park has an additional ocean Safari variant, and both the parks will offer you a day full of education and entertainment for both adults and kids. Besides that the internationally famous Wax museums Jane, Jane Madame Tussaud’s Also has its franchise in Bangkok. The city also has the science Park and dreamworld which are the best theme park attraction in the country and one of the best in South Asia.


If you will make a short search for tours in Bangkok, you will be surprised to see how many sightseeing options the city Offers. Despite being an urban center and a busy cosmopolitan Bangkok boasts some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples that are tattooed across the city. Besides these temples, the floating markets, and the neighboring town Of Ayutthaya is a true paradise for history and culture Buffs.