Butterfly tattoos are becoming more and more popular among women. Considering that these tattoos mimic butterflies, and there are many butterfly species, it can be daunting to choose the best type of tattoo. Different butterflies symbolize different things, and you want your tattoo to represent what you love most.

Some flowers represent happiness, simplicity, and energy. Who doesn’t like that? Every lady would like to be seen full of happiness and in perfect tune with the environment. So, getting a butterfly tattoo on their skin would be the most appropriate way to show this.

The Black and White Inking.

If you need a butterfly tattoo that is unique but at the same time appealing, then the black and white inking is all that you need to achieve this. The style appears as if it is coming off from your skin and fall off. It also has subtle details that would be ideal for all women.

3D Butterfly Tattoo.

This butterfly tattoo features a butterfly that is styled at the back. What is more, is that the butterfly is 3D and features some brilliant details that incorporate some life to this beautiful creature. The butterfly is inked in a design that shows precise landing, and it is done excellently.

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The Geometric Design.

Are you looking for a butterfly tattoo that will make you unique? Well, you should opt for geometric designs, and that will help you stand out. The black tattoo is maintained so simple and inked on top of your back where it is clearly visible by anyone. It is one of the best feminine tattoos you should try this year.

The Bright Butterfly.

Maybe you need something bright that would get you noticed from far. This bright design incorporates various shapes and shade to create a unique look. To create it, cubes of different shapes and colors are placed together to create a stunning creature, which is then inked into the skin. This is unique and will definitely stand out from common tattoo designs.

Big and Bold Tattoo.

If you don’t need those subtle and discreet tattoos, probably you need big and bold tattoos, and this will definitely end your search. It includes a variety of shades and butterfly landing on a flower. It is a beautiful artwork you can have on your body.

3D Pink Butterfly.

Maybe you need a girly tattoo that will rejuvenate your youth. Well, this 3D pink butterfly is ideal for you. The wings are extensively detailed and are amazingly done with a dark shading that makes your butterfly tattoo as if it is falling off your skin. If you need a feminine tattoo, you will not get it wrong with this piece.

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A Small Butterfly.

Some women aren’t fans of large butterflies and want to keep their tattoos as secret as possible. If you are one of them, then this small butterfly is a perfect option for you. It features red, green, and grey colors that are the main shades used to create this amazing design. It is definitely not like the common tattoo designs you see everywhere.

Bold Butterfly Tattoos.

Some ladies need something bold that will get them noticed from far. Well, bold design is what will help you achieve that. The inking is done perfect and bold in your skin. The butterfly is inked spreading its wings wide to reveal an array of colors such as yellow, purple, and blue. If you have this design on your hands, you don’t need to wear long-sleeved shirts.

Life Pink Butterfly Design.

A life butterfly idea is a unique idea to style your tattoo. The butterfly is strategically inked on top of your hand near the side of the shoulder, which makes it appear as if it is ready to take off. It is an amazing way to include an illusion of a living creature on your skin, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Symmetrical Butterfly.

This symmetrical butterfly has taken the art of tattoo to a different new level. The butterfly features different shades and is engulfed by different geometric colors for a state-of-the-art finish.