Your business should adapt to the times and trends. You cannot keep doing the same thing that you did last year if there is a better way to do things. We are halfway through 2019 if someone asked you what have you done differently for your e-commerce business or how have you improved since last year, what will you tell them? If you have never asked yourself this question, read the following tips, and then decide which ones may be appropriate for your online store.

Make your Online Business more Profitable with these Tips

Sell Unique Clothes

People are obsessed with clothes and can’t get enough of them. If your e-commerce site is well known or has a large clientele, you can partner with a promising designer to sell clothes. Nowadays, it’s all about the image. People want to wear something that defines them and won’t be easily worn by other people. Therefore, start selling unique clothes, and you could be on your way to a goldmine.

Sell Industrial Items to Other Businesses

Another way that you could increase your online business’s profitability is by selling industrial machinery and equipment to other businesses. This is a market that still remains virtually unexplored because of the high startup costs involved. If you have good credit and can find a reliable supplier of industrial goods in demand, you should consider selling that equipment to other business owners.

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Think Big and Target the Older Generation

In case you didn’t know, more and more retirees are learning about online shopping and embracing technology. Most of them are learning to use IoT devices because they can assist them with most of their house chores. If you can also target the older generation with your online advertisements, you can earn big from an emerging market.

Sell Courses

E-learning is becoming increasingly popular. Renowned higher learning institutions offer courses on e-learning platforms in a bid to attract this emerging market. Nowadays, most people prefer to learn from home or online instead of going to a physical institution because it’s cheaper and more convenient. Furthermore, individuals with skills in specific professions are now selling their skills by preparing and selling short courses. Your online business can become a platform for selling courses if you want to earn more money.

Go the Extra Mile

With thousands of e-commerce businesses coming up every day, there’s a lot of competition in the sector, especially if you’re selling to customers. The best way to stand out from the competition this year is to go the extra mile. You could be the only e-commerce site in your area that offers onsite delivery and installation at no extra fee. Alternatively, you can give your customers a customization option for popular products.

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Get in on The Planner Trend

Nowadays, most people want customized planners to help them plan their day. It could be stickers or notebooks. This is all part of a society that feels empowered to express themselves the way that they want. They want a journal of a specific color with a specific message. They may have calendar apps on their phones, but they still want the crafty calendars made from paper. You can partner with a vendor of planning merchandise to cash in on the trend.

Sell Artificial and Virtual Reality Products

It may seem like a bit of a shocker, but few online stores are actually selling VR headsets or smart home speakers. People want these products, but the supply is still low. If you can stock some of these goods, you can make a killing.

Get in on the Vaping Fever

Even though there are already other online stores selling vaping merchandise, the market has not been totally explored. You can try selling different flavors and liquids for the audience. This is because the market is eager to try something new with their vaping hardware.

Customer Reviews should be Lively

A new trend that’s slowly catching on is customers posting photos of their products after receiving them. They do this to show the condition that they received them in. This creates a sense of trust in your site because it shows that people really get what they pay for. You can ask customers to share pictures of their products after they receive them, and then include them in the reviews.

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Make yourself more Visible

Nowadays, people want to know more about the store that they are purchasing from. It’s not good enough to have an online presence alone. You have to get a physical store. It would be a good idea to show them where your store is located by including a store locator extension on your website. This feature allows the customer to see a map that shows them directions to your store as they purchase your products online. The store locator extension also uses GPS and appears when the customer is near your store.

If you are a Manufacturer sell your Products Directly

Another emerging trend in 2019 is that more manufacturers are doing away with middle persons and selling the products directly to customers. This allows them to make quality products, sell them at affordable prices, and still make huge profits.

Show Customers, you Know your Products

Nowadays, people trust sellers that know more about their products than anyone else. If you specialize in selling one type of product, show your customers that you know the ins and outs of your products. Do the research and write extensively on the topic by posting daily or weekly blogs about them.

Sell Security Tech if you can

The use of video doorbells is gaining popularity in most households. This is because people are more conscious of their security. They want to see whoever is ringing their doorbell using their smartphones. As a bonus, you can sell and install the video doorbells for your customers. Other security gadgets that you can sell include:

  • Security cameras
  • Barking dog alarm
  • Motion sensing security lights

Use popular Sites for Research

Most people know Kickstarter as a platform where people pitch business ideas and hope to get investors. An emerging trend is that Kickstarter is uploading more content for entrepreneurs. This includes content about a product’s popularity. If you want to have a rough idea on which products will help you make the most money, use Kickstarter for research.


You can act on the following tips if you want your e-commerce business to be more profitable. Just take the time to see which ones are best suited for your business. A store locator extension may work for other businesses, but not yours. Take your time to decide.