Online divorce – An affordable way to end a heartbreaking relationship

Online divorce has made things easier for couples who wish to end their marriage without hiring an attorney, going to court or purchasing high-cost divorce papers before filing for divorce. Luckily, most U.S states have accepted the use of online divorce services as an inexpensive and less stressful type of divorce one can acquire. Texas is not an exception. We will briefly look at how online divorce services operate in Texas and everything you need to know about them.

Firstly, is Online Divorce Legal in Texas?

According to CompleteCase, online divorce is legal in Texas. Anybody can apply for an online divorce or even choose to use the court system as he or she pleases. You may also have to do the filing of divorce papers on your own. However, not every Texan court will accept online divorce forms, so you have to be very careful when choosing the court to file your online divorce papers. Maybe before filing your online divorce paperwork in court, first confirm from the clerk if they accept divorce papers gotten from the net.

In Texas, you can also choose to hire a lawyer for professional assistance with the online divorce, or if you want to save more money from the situation, you can still do without a lawyer. If you don’t want to file the online divorce papers in court, your lawyer can help you do that. Most top-rated online divorce services offer paralegals to assist in reviewing your paperwork to ensure that there are no mistakes or issues.

What Type of Divorce is Allowed in Texas?

According to, you can apply either apply for a no-fault or fault-cause divorce in Texas. The state highly recognizes these two types of divorces. Nevertheless, the less stressful, inexpensive, and easy divorce is the no-fault divorce. In the no-fault divorce, you will not have to prove any fault on the part of your fellow spouse when applying for the divorce. Which means, nobody is at fault in the marriage, so when you are filing for the no-fault divorce, you will not blame your spouse for any misguided action or habit. If you and your spouse are still fighting over issues of who is keeping the child after divorce and so forth, then you will have to seek jurisdiction from the court.

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How Can I Get an Online Divorce in Texas?

You can get a successful online divorce with or without hiring an attorney in Texas. But you will have to follow the requirements and instructions carefully to be able to do so. To file for an online divorce in this particular state, you will first have to check the court in your local county and see if they accept online divorce documents. If they do, then you can file for divorce in the county’s court so far as you and your spouse have lived in Texas for at least six months prior filing for divorce and you must have also resided in the county where you are submitting the online divorce documents for 90 days.

Applying for an online divorce in Texas (The guide)

1. Once you have met the residency requirement for filing for an online and traditional divorce in Texas, then you can access the divorce forms available in various websites. You will start by creating a petition, filling in all the necessary information. Make sure you save the divorce petition as a PDF file on your laptop or whatever device you are using.

2. After completing the divorce petition, print out a copy of it. Check the divorce petition and sign it where it has indicated ‘ Signature’ and then scan the completed divorce petition with your signature on it. Save a copy too of this divorce document as PDF file.

3. You will register yourself with an online filing service provider. If you check Texas’s official website, you will be able to find a list of approved internet providers you can use. So if you register with any of the mentioned providers, it will systemically register you with Texas’s online filing system too.

4. After picking the service provider to use, you can log on it and answer the provided questions that will help identify your case. It will also ask you which court and county you will want to file your online divorce documents with.

5. You can now upload your divorce petition on the service provider and click the “Submit” button. You may also have to provide your credit card details to pay a certain fee unless you have already made an account that allows for periodic billing. After making payments and stuff, you should get an email confirming your service provider has the divorce petition ready to submit. Then once your provider has filed the divorce petition to your state, you will get an email of notification from Texas’s online filing system.

6. Please save the filed petition when Texas’s online filing system sends a copy to your device because this particular copy will have the court’s stamp on it. From there, you will use the stamped petition to serve on your spouse once you have printed it out.

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Where to Get Online Divorce Forms in Texas?

You will be able to get the divorce forms online from different websites on the net that offers online divorce services. These websites will only prepare your divorce forms based on the information you provide. Some have paralegals to review your paperwork while for some, you will have to fill out the divorce forms all by yourself. So you have to fill them correctly without making mistakes.

At the county where you live, you can also visit the clerk’s office in the court and ask for the divorce forms. The clerk should be able to provide you with a divorce packet that contains all the divorce papers needed for your case.

What are the Requirements for Online divorces in Texas?

You can’t file for an online divorce unless your divorce is uncontested. And what do we mean by an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses have agreed on the critical issues relating to the divorce. Which means both you and your spouse must decide on the child custody, child support payments, division of marital properties, alimony, and even debts. If you and your spouse cannot decide on these issues, then there is no way filing for an online divorce will work.

Another is your residency requirements. You will have to check the certain residency period requested from the court before filing for divorce. In Texas, you will have to prove that both you and your spouse have lived in the state for six months in preparation for the divorce. Also, the petitioner will have to prove that he or she has resided in the county where the divorce papers have to be file for 90 days.

Are you looking for a quick and cheap divorce? Then online divorce is the only option available. It is fast, and you will not have to spend money on attorney fees or court bills. You even choose to hire a lawyer as you like if your budget will carry their professional services. All you have to do is follow the rules and requirements. You can rest assured of having a practical online divorce.