One of the parameters of the online casino slot is the cycle of falling combinations. Are they repeated after a series of spins and what is the number of games in the cycle of the slot machine? There are many people who want to find out – is it real to know the payout cycle slot machine and use such data to get a winning strategy for the game.

Information affecting the cycle in the combinations of slot machines, is repeatedly mentioned in topics about slots in the wiki – casino, blogs, and posts. But there are still players who, with their comments, pushed to touch on this topic once again and to dwell on the cycle of casino slots in more detail.

As the real facts show, always, no matter how much information that allows you to understand the various nuances of the gambling sphere does not appear in free access, there are still casino customers who, having fallen on a streak of failure, begin to write rude comments to the gambling site, other visitors to the forum or the administration of the site and blame their losses to everyone and everything, but not themselves.

Therefore, before proceeding directly to the topic of the article, I propose to list the main reasons for losing in slots. They may well be taken into account in order to increase your positive result and win more often in slot machines.

Why a player in the slots loses

There are several mistakes during gambling leisure time, which are most often found in players with regular losses. They are as follows:

Mistake Description
1 High Bets Not Aligned with Bankroll Players make excessively high bets that do not match their bankroll. It is recommended to have chips for at least 100 spins, but preferably for about a thousand spins on three different slot machines.
2 Belief in Guaranteed Win Players mistakenly believe that a big win is due after many bets or spins, especially after several hundred or thousand spins. In reality, high volatility slots can go for long periods without significant wins.
3 Playing on Fake, Unlicensed Slot Machines Playing on unlicensed slot machines found on low-rated sites. These machines can be rigged to pay out less and are used to defraud players.

In a nutshell, if you are gambling, then only in casinos that have been on the market for a long time and have a lot of good reviews, such as Fair Go Casino. To start playing in a reliable casino, you need to first log in to, and then you can already enjoy a wide variety of slots and games.

Finding yourself on a low-rated gambling site on the Internet, and even more so in the casino, which has shown itself as not the highest quality and reliable gambling establishment, you need to get out of there as quickly as possible and in any case, do not make a deposit, no matter what bonuses are offered.

Now, back to the main topic of the article with the understanding that a knowledgeable and experienced player spends time at licensed slot machines that obey honest mathematics, but this /does not guarantee regular winnings, as this, in turn, depends on the same randomness.

What is the cycle of the slot

In the field of gambling, a slot cycle is a sequence of game results obtained by the work of a set of mathematical algorithms that simulate randomness and control so that all wins, in the end, do not exceed the laid technological percentage.

Also, the cycle of slot machines can be considered as a distance for which the stated percentage of return – RTP – will return as cash prizes. And such a “distance” counts billions of spins.

As a rule, to obtain statistics of the slot and verify the RTP prescribed in the documentation is not less than 5 million spins. Conduct such testing gambling market regulators (Malta, UK, Curacao) and independent gambling organizations that defend the rights of the player (eCOGRA, TST, ITech Labs, and others).

Slot cycles will never be equal periods because, although not easy, they can still it could be calculated, and this is unacceptable. Providers, along with the development of technology, continuously improve their algorithms, search for vulnerabilities, and, if such are found, try to eliminate them as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be skillful people who can use them and hack a slot machine to get a big prize from it.

About how much money is returned to players as winnings says RTP. It is expressed as a percentage. Already tied to this value is formed the cycle of the slot: how much he accumulated in the prize fund and how quickly he managed to give it away.

Formation of slot machine prize fund

The principles of accumulation of prize funds are different for each operator. This information is not hidden. It is known to the operators, who, in fact, are some kind of intermediaries between the developers of slots and players. Players can find out how exactly the RTP is formed and distributed if they spend time reading the game’s documentation.

For example, some providers have a different fund for each connected operator and may even slightly vary the percentage of return to the player. Others have a common accumulation system and a single RTP. Still, others have their own system of interaction.

But, if the mathematical algorithms themselves are kept in the strictest secrecy, and GSC is created such that even the developer could not understand the logic of calculations, the general principles of operation, and the addresses of servers that give the results of the game – necessarily known.

Cycle and volatility of the slot

As promised above, let’s stop in detail and on the volatility of the slot machine. About this characteristic of gambling, there are also materials in the information sections. But, as for the cyclicality of the slot on the volatility side, here you can consider what kind of graph with wins will be presented for the entire gambling period.

High volatility is long periods of “burn,” replaced by sharp peaks of really high wins.

Low volatility, respectively, will present a more even graph of the results of the game on a long cycle of slot machines.

There is also such an indicator as:

  • average volatility,
  • low-medium and
  • medium-high.

If you make an even more concise formulation of what was said about volatility, it will be as follows: the greater the maximum winning potential, the longer the cycle of the slot and the higher its volatility

Strategies based on slot machine cycles

Some players take such temporary analytical data as a signal and make strategies based on them. And even experienced gamblers studying such a strategy will be divided into two camps with opposing views:

The recovery strategy. Some believe that further, the slot will play to equalize its official RTP and run those slots whose returns were low, assuming that will begin to increase their generosity at the expense of accumulated funds.

Hot slot strategy. Others believe that the slot where the return is currently higher than the official – the most giving slot machine and sit down for it, intending to catch the period of generosity and get under the distribution of winnings.

For those who do not like tactics, calculations, and strategies, it is best to spend gambling leisure time for those slots that they like, but be sure to put no more than the money that you can afford to lose.

Quite sensible is the assumption that it is better to choose the slot that plays the most people, and it will carry a higher probability of a successful gambling session, as the cycle of such a slot machine is much faster due to the popularity of visitors to the casino.

And in no case should it be taken into account that if several players have lost large sums before you, then you are sitting down to play after them, and you will get something.


So, the cycle of the slot is possible to identify only after its completion, and do not believe any secret formulas of success which sell scam artists. Winning in gambling in fair play at all times was only the result of the interaction of chance and luck.