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Many men are expected to suffer from alopecia as they age or grow older. However, the problem of hair loss is also common among the young population as well. Sudden hair loss or hair fall not only affects your scalp but your entire body as well, though it can be either permanent or temporary. It is basically due to genetics, hormonal changes, and several other medical issues.

Sometimes, it is seen that a few people prefer to let their hair fall and either ignore it or opt to leave it untreated. This negligence can create hair fall issues among men. It is also seen that more than half of under 50 or older suffer from hair fall, which reaches 4 out of 5 men by the age of 70. However, there are a few causes of hair loss that you should not ignore. Let us read about some of them below:

1. Genetics (heredity)

One of the most common causes of hair loss that you should not ignore is genetics, the hereditary condition that usually occurs with aging. This condition is known as androgenic alopecia female pattern baldness and male-pattern baldness. In case of hair loss due to genetics, the loss occurs step by step and in expected patterns — a retreating hairline and bald spots among the men and thinning of hair along the circle of the scalp in the case of women.

2. Medical issues and hormonal changes

Several medical issues and hormonal changes can also cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Some hormonal changes responsible for hair loss among men are childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems, etc. Common medical conditions may include alopecia areata, which usually causes patchy loss of hair and scalp infections like ringworm etc.

Moreover, your hair loss can also be a side effect of consuming certain drugs or any disease such as cancer, depression, arthritis, gout, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.

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3. Shock or stress

Severe stress and shock can also cause hair loss among men. It is also a common cause that makes hair fall very easily. Excessive loss of weight and sudden hair fall, physical or emotional shock, surgery, fever, and even flu can lead to considerable hair fall that is also expected to last for several months.

4. Infections

Whenever you experience hair loss due to infection, you tend to get extremely thoughtful and find ways to replace hair in the places where fall took place. Ringworm is an infectious thing that can easily create patches on your scalp or bald spots. However, you can take this infection easy, which is also easily treatable, and the hair is also expected to grow back after the treatment.

5. Impulse control disorder

Impulse control disorder is also a common condition, though not so common but can affect around 1-2 percent of teenagers and adults. A few people are habitual of pulling out their hair from their eyebrows, scalp, or from someplace, which is known by a chronic condition called trichotillomania.

6. Grooming

Last but not least, wearing a pigtail, braids, and cornrows, where the hair next to your scalp is pulled compactly, can also be a significant cause of temporary hair loss, which is known as traction alopecia. In addition to this, various hot oil treatments and perms may also damage your hair follicles permanently, making you bald.

To Conclude

So, these are some of the leading causes of hair loss that you should not ignore and must be seriously kept in mind. Also, you should try to avoid doing unfavorable things for yourself and your hair, which may lead to irreversible damages.