Pinotage is popularly known as South Africa’s signature red wine grape varietal. It is considered as one of the unique grape varietals in the world. These grapes are often described as a unique combination of Cinsault wines and Pinot Noir. They are also known to exude an earthy, fruit-driven, and rustic wine flavor which can pair best with barbecue dishes.

It was not easy for South African vineyards to develop and nourish this type of grape varietal. It did not earn so much popularity in its early birth. Winemakers exerted a lot of effort to plant and make wine out of Pinotage. Luckily, these grape varietals had earned so much respect in the winemaking community, and sales have relatively increased.

The Pinotage Association was founded to protect the Pinotage plantations and vineyards. It took place in 1995. It is also the main reason why Pinotage wine varietals became popular since every winemaker is inspired to craft unique styles of wine. The South African vineyard was also the first estate in the world which created the Pinotage white labels and coffee flavor in wines.

There are lots of reasons to celebrate Pinotage wines. It is the same with other popular sweet wines you know because they also undergo intricate crafting and aging process. They can also perform excellent jobs when it comes to food pairing activities. Typical dishes they can pair are pizza, lasagna, pork dishes, pasta, etc.,

The massive production of this wine label has contributed a lot to the progress of the South African economy. They produce large numbers of wines of tons of liters to export to their neighboring countries. Pinotage wines are indeed a fantastic wine label that can top-notch the performance of other elegant and premier wines you found in the market.

The Pinotage Style

The Pinotage wine comes in many dramatic forms of styles. It means that each bottle has the ability to appeal to every consumer as they can serve multiple purposes. Some of the Pinotage wine styles you can see comes in extreme aromas, light-bodied, or the fair ones. These styles are also perfect with their food pairing jobs.

It also has a full-bodied style. It is the most in-demand type of Pinotage wine label which is crafted from black fruit varieties. The texture of this Pinotage full-bodied wine comes in a perfect balance and exudes an enduring elegance. It also comes in a smoky and sweet finish. It fits well in any kind of palate in which the taste can last up until a minute.

The majority of Pinotage wines crafted agree earth-driven and rustic. It means that they carry the most natural flavor from the fruit ingredients used. These wines also offer a pleasant aroma in your palate where you can directly taste the smoke, tannins, and berries used. The acidity level comes naturally, which will make you crave for more glasses.

Every Pinotage wine label crafted in South Africa has continually impressed the winery community. The production has never experienced any decline. For many years that Pinotage was made and distributed, the demand continues to ascend. Many countries are importing this wine label, and nowadays Pinotage wines have remained an uptrend movement when it comes to sales.

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Pinotage Wine Brands And Producers

There are lots of Pinotage wine brands and producers that impressed the winery market since then. The wine labels crafted from these grape varietals have also remained popular up until this day. Here are some of the notable Pinotage wine brands and producers that made a significant impact on the South African wine economy.

A.A. Badenhorst

The A.A. Badenhorst wines came from Kalmoesfontein vineyard, which came from in the areas of Paardeberg. The A.A Badenhorst is owned by cousins, namely Adi and Hein Badenhorst. They started a wine cellar from 1930 until such as the time they decided to work with Pinotage wines to produce classic red wine labels. They follow a traditional winemaking process so that their wine labels can exude an authentic taste of aroma.


The Diemersfontein is a legendary wine producer in South Africa the also produces wine labels using Pinotage. They craft wines since 1940. It is led by the Sonnenberg family, which was popular in Wellington estate. They have developed elegant wines that were the first part of the South African table and royal families.

Graham Beck

Graham Beck is an entrepreneur who acquired Madeba farm in 1983. The farm is closely associated with Robertson, which is one of the largest producing wine estates in South Africa. They began to nourish grape varietals in 1990 and worked hard to make sure that the returns will turn out big. Years later, their vineyard had successfully grown, and they both more vineyards in South Africa. Nowadays, they used Pinotage grapes to make their most famous wine labels.