CBD hemp oil supplements have become a popular health supplement on the market.

This focus is largely due to the many health benefits they offer. Much less attention is placed on the different available oils and why it is essential to consider all options.

The strength of a CBD oil tincture is one of the most important factors and can play a crucial part in a person’s overall experience with hemp oil.

Where can you find the best potent CBD oil in Australia, and why is strength so important?

Understanding Different CBD Oil Strengths and What They Mean

The strength, or potency as it is sometimes referred to as, of a CBD oil, is typically displayed on the product’s label in one of two ways. The first is as a percentage, representing the total amount of the solution made up of CBD extract.

Using a percentage to represent how much CBD there is within a tincture has come under criticism in recent years as the method lacks clarity. The amount of CBD within the tincture is tied to the total quantity of the liquid. A 20% potent CBD oil might sound like it contains a high ratio of CBD but is of very little use if the whole tincture only contains a few milligrams of liquid.

The second method of displaying how much CBD is contained within the solution is in milligrams. This tends to be the most common method used today, although some brands still use percentages. The metric measurement of milligrams is used to show precisely how much CBD there is within a given product.

Understanding and Comparing the Strength of Different Products

When buying CBD oil tinctures for the first time, it can be tricky to compare different options and determine which one is the strongest.

Tinctures come in various quantities meaning that percentages are not particularly useful. Equally, when purchasing tinctures that use milligrams as a unit of measure, the amount of liquid within the tincture is also essential.

The best method of understanding the exact strength of a CBD oil tincture is to calculate how much CBD each drop contains.

A drop of CBD oil is the same quantity of liquid no matter which brands or products are being compared. Most instructions that come with CBD tinctures refer to drops when stating how much oil should be consumed at any one time. Tinctures also come with a dropper built into the lid for a precise measurement with each use.

As a rough guide, a 10ml tincture of CBD oil will contain on average 200 drops. This can be used as a good starting point when comparing different products.

If, for example, a 10ml tincture contains 1000mg, this will work out at 5mg per drop of oil. In contrast, a 20ml tincture containing 1000mg of CBD will only contain 2.5mg per drop.

While the 20ml tincture might appear to be the better option at first, it is the weaker of the two options when considering how much CBD will be contained in each drop of liquid.

Why Choose Stronger CBD Oils?

The price of CBD oil tinctures is determined mainly by their strength. The price can vary greatly, even when comparing products within the same brand, based on their strength. Therefore, a common question is why buy strong CBD oils, and is it not better to buy weaker oils and use more?

There are a few reasons why stronger oils are better and can even be cheaper in the long run.

Stronger CBD oil tinctures will last much longer on average than weaker oils. A more potent oil means that much less liquid is needed to achieve the desired effects on the user. More potent oils also tend to last longer as there is more CBD within the body at any one time.

The effects of stronger oils will also cause a much more powerful impact on the body. One study found that while CBD is often used to treat anxiety, it only works as a long-term solution when the correct dosage is used. Many people find that while CBD oils are great when they first try them, they are less effective over time.

Rather than using more oil to maintain noticeable effects, it is much easier and cheaper to purchase stronger oils. A stronger oil will mean that the same amount of liquid can be consumed while the amount of CBD within the body is increased.

Where to Find Stronger CBD Oils

Most reputable CBD brands offer several options for dosage and strength. Premium Jane, for example, provides all of their CBD tinctures in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg options. Having these different strength options is essential as it allows the consumer to determine the right amount of CBD for their individual health needs.

When looking for strong CBD oils, a good place to start is by checking the top reviewed CBD brands, like Premium Jane. Alternatively, health food stores are stocking an increasingly extensive range of tinctures and can also be a great place to find strong CBD oils.