Are you looking forward to spending some beautiful time with your partner? Are you in a committed relationship and ready to move to the next level? Well, moving in with your partner is not an easy decision. There are a lot of things you must know about moving in with your partner before you make the move.

Moving in with your partner in a good relationship means having a fun sleepover every night free from any kind of tension and stress. Yes, it will be a lot of fun but at the same time, it comes with lots of responsibilities and little adjustments you should know about and be prepared to handle. From being attentive as you make moving list to understanding the changes that await you after the move, there are a lot of things should know about some things, before you move in with your partner:

Let’s have a look:

Define what “personal space” is for both of you

Are you planning to spend every single moment with your partner? Or do you like to spend time alone in a corner of the apartment? The needs and desires of living are different for everyone. What could be fun for you can mean something else for others? Before you move in, make sure you understand well with one another. Both of you should know the expectations of each other.

Work out on how you will share expenses

Money could be a big reason behind the conflict in a relationship. Therefore when you decide to move in together, make sure you work on the finances at first. You can cover things like whether you will pool money or split expenses.

Tips on merging your finances

When you both sit to discuss the finances, make sure you discuss each other expenses and then joint expenses. Have a look at several tips that you should consider in deciding finances.

a.)   Discuss how much you earn and how much is your salary. Are you permanently employed or a temporarily employed person? What is the frequency of the payment that you receive?

b.)   What are your financial commitments? What do you want to do with your finances in the upcoming years? Also, discuss the assets that you have as well as debts. Knowing the financial commitments of each other helps make a good financial plan.

c.)   In the end, have open communication and have full honesty while talking to each other about finances.

These are the things that will help you both to share your expenses so that your finances would not come in between your relationship.

Remember everything is not all about you

You should know that everything is not all about you as you are going to live with someone else. If you are living alone for many years then you might have a habit to do everything according to your choice but when you are moving in with your partner then there are certain habits and preferences that you have to change according to your partner. It is important to know that now you are not a single decision-maker, cook, cleaner, and so on, there is someone who is going to live with you so everything will get changed.

Have some “future talks”

Before you decide to move in together, you should have had some future talks about what you see in your future. Don’t make any assumptions like what the future holds for your partner. Make sure you already have conversations regarding the plans of each other.

Universal partnership from moving into the living

The universal partnership is the partnership when you divide everything between you two which makes the entire moving in and living easier and smoother. Like each one should bring something like utensils and so on. You can divide the things among yourself to start living together. There should be a joint benefit of both the persons in deciding against living together. The goal of the partnership should be the legit one.

Respect the schedules of each other

Again it is not all about you and your schedule. You should also have to respect the schedule of the other one. Things can become worse soon if you don’t value each other’s schedules. For example, if you are a late-night person and your partner prefers early mornings, you, while making snacks in the kitchen late night, can disturb his/ her sleep, causing unnecessary concerns and tension. It is advisable to ensure that you talk about the schedules and try to adjust to one another’s schedule. This will be helpful for both of you to have a good time together.

Throw things away

Make sure you both throw all the things away that are unwanted for you. It will make the entire move easier and efficient for you. You should say goodbye to all those college posters with which you have sentiments. These are not of any use from now so practice to throw things away.


When it comes to moving in with your partner, it means you will have lots of fun moments but at the same time, you should be ready for a little adjustment. Now you are not living alone, you have to adapt to the habits of one another. Talk about each and everything with your partner and plan your life together. From ways to minimize the living cost to expanding savings and making life more comfortable, you two must have a full-proof plan ready for your life post moving in together. These tips would help you get a direction in your planning and make an excellent life with your partner.