What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing based on performance. A business or company rewards one or more affiliates with commissions for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate marketer’s efforts. Affiliate marketing is where you have to sell a product that belongs to another company by promoting it to your audience. If they decide to buy that product through your referral links, you will get a commission from the company whose product you just advertised/promoted. Companies like Amazon, Apple, AliExpress, Samsung, Lazada, etc., are all examples of affiliate marketing programs.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is also known as internet commerce, refers to buying and selling of goods using the internet. It can be a substitute for having an actual store though some companies prefer to have both. Through E-commerce, almost anything is available and can be purchased.

The online shopping process has become very intuitive and straightforward in recent years that everyone can use it. Providing customers a faster and reliable way of getting a product from the market grabs these buyers’ attention. It makes them trust the system, which in return makes them revisit again and again. It is also great because instead of continually telling buyers to visit your shop, you can just take your shop to them and show them anything they need to buy. E-commerce even has a much easier way of handling customers as you can contact multiple helplines of the company and tell them your issue, and it will be solved for you instantly.

The best thing about E-commerce is that it is available to you on any device 24/7. These online stores sell various products that can be shipped to you from anywhere in the world.

An estimate was made that there will be about 2.05 billion potential digital buyers in 2020, about 25 percent of the total global population. The number is rapidly increasing within time to a whopping amount of 2.14 billion people in 2021. We can see that E-commerce is slowly taking over and is expected to make 17.5 percent of retail sales worldwide by 2021.

On average, about 2.86 percent of E-commerce website traffic visits turn into them purchasing something. This is something to look into as you want this to increase. The more conversion rates, the higher will be the profit you make from sales. In the current time, there is a thing known as Omnichannel, which allows you to sell and communicate with your customers through various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Shop, Emails, etc. If used well, this can be very big and powerful for your company’s growth as promoting and targeting an audience is relatively more straightforward. People have access to all the marketplaces and products in one place.

The fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world is China. According to forecasts, it is expected that mobile commerce will take a market share of E-commerce of up to 72.9 percent by 2021 as about 51% of online shoppers conduct purchases via their phones. Research shows that 61 percent of the participants do not compare shops with another website once they find a product they like.

When it comes to E-commerce affiliate marketing, a few regions stand out better than the others, such as Asia-Pacific and North America. Asia-Pacific accounts to have 42.3 percent of retail sales worldwide. North American, on the other hand, has about 22.9 percent retail sales. Western Europe with 16.2 percent. China dominates with 62.6 percent of all digital sales.

  • With more than $1.935 trillion in E-commerce sales, China was the most significant E-commerce business market on the planet in 2019.
  • The second-biggest online business market on the planet is the U.S., with $586.9 billion.
  • Three of the six biggest E-commerce business markets are in Western Europe. The U.K. is the primary internet business market in Europe with $141.93 billion in online business deals, trailed by Germany ($81.85 billion) and France ($69.43 billion).

Since E-commerce is a growing term in the current decade, Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to grow in and adapt to this buying and selling system online. Around 1 out of 4 brands sell their items on Facebook. About 40% of retailers are using social media platforms to generate sales. Approximately 55% of Gen Z clients said their dress buys were impacted by posts they saw via web-based media stages. Online retailers that have one dynamic web-based media account at any rate make a 32% greater number of deals than online retailers that don’t utilize web-based media stages.

What are E-commerce Affiliate Programs?

E-commerce affiliate marketing is a promotional model that connects merchants with independent marketers digitally willing to invest time and resources to sell a merchant’s products. E-commerce affiliate programs are such programs that allow you to earn money through the promotion of products that the specific program has to offer for potential buyers. There are many affiliate programs that one can choose from based on the type of category that you are looking for, for your audience.

E-commerce programs help collect user data and promote and expand the company by knowing what the consumer needs. This information is then used as a way of targeting that audience to earn a profit.

Accessing these markets is easy as you can order and ship it from and to any place worldwide. You have access to millions of items that you can choose from.

Many brands have now shifted towards the E-commerce side, as having your company all-digital can benefit, considering how much internet and mobile usage there is throughout the globe. Having more E-commerce affiliate programs will benefit the market and help provide jobs for people. With the help of this people can earn money easily. Research shows consumers will spend more cash when following an affiliate’s recommendation for purchase than buying an item of their choosing.

  1. The internet provides businesses access to millions and millions of people. On the internet, brands go beyond geographic limits to reach a wider audience.
  2. E-commerce is cost-efficient and has made it easier to make websites more minuscule and less expensive. Small businesses can now build their sites.
  3. Exchange of data is much faster and can be stored without any limitations.
  4. Due to the development of E-commerce, better service can be provided to the clients.

Almost more than 80 percent of brands have their affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is also responsible for 16% of global e-commerce sales, and 94% of publishers use multiple affiliate marketing networks.

You can sign up at eCommerce affiliate networks like Indoleads, JVzoo, Awin, Rakuten, and others if you’re looking for the best eCommerce affiliate programs or offers based on your region with the best commission rates out there in the market. Indoleads provide trustable and reliable programs that one can join quickly and earn money through.

Following is a list of one of the best and high paying E-commerce Affiliate Offers out there.

Top 5 BEST eCommerce Affiliate Programs:

  • Amazon:

Amazon is one of the biggest multinational E-commerce and technology companies in the USA. It is known to many people and has one of the best inventories of products that one can buy from. It has collaborations with many famous brands with which many discounts and great shipping is provided. With its constant marketing strategies, the company has been said to grow a lot in sales. According to 2018 statistics, Amazon made sales of about 232 billion U.S. dollars in the USA.

It has reasonable commission rates of up to 15%.

  • AliExpress

AliExpress may be behind Amazon when it comes to growth, but it is one of the top-performing affiliate networks. It is bringing in billions in profit every year. AliExpress also has a wide range of products that you can select based on all the categories you can think of. Aliexpress has a worldwide affiliate program that lets affiliate marketers target any country to generate commission from aliexpress affiliate marketing.

Commission rates are from 4%-10%.

If you’re looking for the best eCommerce in Southeast Asia, then Lazada is one of the best options out there. Lazada is the largest south-east Asian e-commerce marketplace and has a massive shopping product list in all categories. They dominate the eCommerce market in countries like Indonesia, Philipines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Commissions are up to 14%.

For affiliate marketers interested in selling gadgets and electronics items, this eCommerce affiliate program has one of the best products available worldwide.

Payout range up to 10% from each sale

  • Shein Affiliate Program

Shein offers one of the best fashion products to aspiring influencers who want to earn from their influencer activities. With access to big brands like Givenchy, Coach, and many more. Affiliate marketers get the opportunity to promote luxury brands.

Payouts range from 3% to 9%


As evident from current trends, E-commerce is poised to grow more and slowly take over in the upcoming years, making it the next BIG thing in affiliate marketing. If you are looking for something to invest your money and time in, then E-commerce might be the one for you as it has much to offer. You can easily access these E-commerce sites and even join them, so do not miss out on any future deals that might take you to success.