Many of the offline games are now catching up on online platforms. However, not all games are as much fun online as they were offline. This is not the case with rummy card games. When you play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy, the fun is actually doubled.

There are some reasons why playing rummy on Khelplay Rummy is so much fun. Here we have listed out our reasons for this fun. Read along and then download the Khelplay Rummy app if you haven’t done so yet:

Khelplay Rummy Allows You to Play with Your Friends

One of the joys that you lose while playing games on apps is the fun of playing with friends and people you know. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy Has this unique feature that allows you to invite your friends to the app.

What’s more! You also enjoy some bonus points each time your friend accepts an invite you sent. So, now you don’t have to miss out on the fun of enjoying card games with friends.

The App Has Exciting Rummy Tournaments for Those Who Love Challenges

Some people do not find a game to be interesting unless there is a challenging aspect to it. This is why Khelplay Rummy is your best online platform to enjoy rummy card games. The platform organizes rummy tournaments with real cash prizes for the winners. Keep track of the rummy tournaments that take place each season. Some of these tournaments also have electronic gadgets like the latest phones and accessories as prizes.

The App Has Many Variations of Rummy Games

Rummy is played in many different ways in different parts of India. It is natural that different people from India may be accustomed to the different variations of rummy card games. When you have to switch to a new form of the game, the fun seems to reduce. That is why Khelplay Rummy makes sure every player on this rummy app will find a variation they like or prefer.

The app has variations differing based on the number of cards used in the game such as 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy game, 21 cards rummy and 27 cards rummy. The app also has different variations based on how the winner is declared. These variations are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy.

The App Allows You to Choose Between Practice Chips and Real Chips

Many people hesitate to play rummy card games with real money. That is the reason why Khelplay Rummy allows its players to choose between real chips and practice chips while playing Khelplay Rummy online. This ensures that even people who wish to enjoy the game just for fun can do so without worrying about wasting money. It helps players practice their rummy gaming skills before actually participating in a rummy tournament.

The App Has A Game Variation to Choose Your Time Frame

Most people enjoy playing rummy games while they are traveling or when they need a pastime between hectic work schedules. This means that all players won’t have the luxury to play rummy online at the leisure. This is the reason why the Khelplay Rummy app is just perfect for you. If you just wish to pass a couple of minutes, you may choose the Points Rummy Game.

You may choose between Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy variations when you have some more time at hand. The two variations of Pool Rummy available on Khelplay Rummy are 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. The Deals Rummy Card Game is available in 2 Deals Rummy, 3 Deals Rummy, and 6 Deals Rummy variations.

You Can Enjoy Rummy Anytime and Anywhere with Khelplay Rummy App

The best part about the Khelplay Rummy App is that it allows you to enjoy rummy games anytime and anywhere. You just need to have an internet connection on your mobile phone and you can enjoy your favorite card game while on the go. If you are traveling by bus or train to someplace and wish to pass the idle time, just log into the Khelplay Rummy app and enjoy a fun session of rummy card games. It is just as simple as that.