Ever faced a situation where your SD card went bad and you lost all your data? If yes, did you know you could actually recover your data from the memory card by using SD card Recovery software called EaseUS?

The term SD Card is an acronym for Secure Digital Card. SD cards are memory cards whose main purpose is to store data saved by the users on their phones and devices. They serve as an auxiliary memory to the main memory installed by default in the devices.

Countless times we have encountered situations where we or our friends lost their data due to a damaged SD card. In such instances, one feels bad for the loss and thinks of ways to recover data from SD card. As mentioned above, EaseUS helps SD card users accomplish that at very reasonable rates.

In fact, EaseUS offers a free trial version of its software for all: Windows, MAC, iOS and Android users. If you are considering the option to download and install EaseUS SD Card data recovery software, then you must follow the following steps.

  1. After downloading and installing the EaseUS SD card recovery software, run it by double-clicking on it.
  2. The screen prompts you to specify the location of lost data, files, folders so that it may begin scanning it.
  3. After selecting the location, hit the SCAN button.
  4. Once finished with the scanning, the software presents you with files you wish to restore. Preview them and select the ones you wish to restore.
  5. Once you have selected the files you wish to restore, before hitting the ‘RECOVER’ button, remember to arrange for an alternate storage device for the data that will be restored. This may include an external hard drive, USB or some space secured on your PC, laptop, etc.
  6. Now hit the ‘Restore’ button and you will have successfully retrieved lost files and saved them to another location.

What are the Benefits of Using EaseUS SD Card Recovery Software?

There are many benefits of using EaseUS as your preferred SD card data recovery software. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Free Restoration of 2GB Data: Yes! You read it right. EaseUs offers its users to recover data of 2GB magnitude for free.
  • Lighter in Size: EaseUS recovery wizard does not take a lot of disk space. It can be easily downloaded.
  • Minimum Recovery Time: Though the recovery time of files is directly linked to their magnitude, EaseUS recovers files faster than any other SD card data recovery software out there.
  • User Friendly with Simple and Interactive User Interface: EaseUS SD card recovery wizard is as easy as ABC. It can be installed and used by any person like a breeze. It does not need hi-tech professionals or tech-savvy peeps to operate. Moreover, it has a very friendly user interface which is simple yet attractive for users of all ages.
  • Not Just Recovers but also Repairs: Yes! That’s true. EaseUS SD card recovery software not only recovers lost files, but it also helps in repairing damaged ones. Especially the audio/video files which have JPEG, JPG, MP$, and MOV file extensions.
  • Supports All File Formats: The last benefit of using EaseUS SD card recovery software on this list is that it supports all sorts of file formats whether HFS+ or ReFS, NTFS or NTFS5; it doesn’t matter. EaseUs can recover files from all kinds of file extensions. These also include FAT, ext2/ext3 and exFAT.

Is There Any Downside of Using Easeus SD Card Recovery Software?

Not really! Unless you are short on time and need a speedy recovery. In such instances, EaseUS SD Card recovery software might prove a bit of time taking for you. This is because it scans the whole disk where your specified file, folder or content to be restored lies and not just one segment of it.


EaseUS SD card recovery software is a very useful digital product and every SD card user must install it for the rainy days. The good news is that it supports all sorts of devices. These include PC, laptop, micro USBs, Pen drive, auxiliary hard drives whether internal or external, RAID, Camcorder and Micro card, etc.