Finding a girl today is much easier than it was a hundred years ago. Mostly thanks to the internet. Of course, dating at your workplace, study, through mutual friends, or even on the street are still relevant – but the World Wide Web is confidently leading the list of “matchmakers.”

Remote dating has its indisputable advantages:

● a wider selection of candidates;

● availability of all necessary information about them in the questionnaires;

● the possibility to communicate without leaving your home.

Without actually seeing the user in person, it is easier for many men to take the first step and subsequently keep in touch. You save a lot of time since meetings in person are arranged only with the girl that suits you. In general, Internet dating is a great help for people in search of a mate or at least a pleasant companion. And we want to teach you HOW and WHERE to meet online.

How to meet a girl on the Internet?

Here, too, it has its own etiquette. It has much in common with the generally accepted rules of politeness but has some subtleties. Based on it, we have made the basic rules that should be followed by anyone who wants to establish remote dating with the girls they like.

1. A properly completed profile

Relevant if you decide to try your luck on dating sites. Indicate the background information about yourself, add your personal preferences and hobbies, upload a good photo.

2. Mind your spellings

Even if this is not your strong point, it’s still worth writing without glaring errors. Your messages form your “portrait” on the web, which is just as important as your photo. It is unlikely that anyone will find fault with each comma, but writing words and building sentences with correct grammar is worth it.

3. Be polite and tactful

This rule applies even if you are a real macho. Rudeness and tactlessness will scare off girls faster than a spelling error or a bad photo. We communicate for our own satisfaction, why spoil the mood for yourself and others?

4. Write messages

Send private messages or write comments under photos and posts. If you choose to write comments, remember that you will be read not only by the person you are writing to but also by other users. If you are going to cover your favorite girl with likes, be prepared for a lack of response.

5. Seek out common interests

It is easiest to make an acquaintance when you already have something to talk about. Common hobbies, favorite characters, or similar areas of activity will make your communication natural. Therefore, it is worth looking for girls on sites with your favorite topics.

By observing these simple rules, you can be sure of your success with girls and a significant increase in your social circle.

Where to meet a girl on the Internet?

Now let’s go to the most important thing – a list of Internet sites where you can find the “one and only.” This is where you can and should apply the rules that you learned in the previous section. Today, the following services are popular among girls between the ages of 18 and 30:

● Facebook,

● Instagram,


● Edarling.

The first two positions listed are social media networks, Edarling is a dating site, and CooMeet is a video chat. Choose what you like best, and remember that this list could go on.

1. Facebook

This social network is considered to be the home of serious business ladies. Of course, there are exceptions to each rule, so you should look for “your own” in thematic groups and communities. Do not get carried away with sending messages; Facebook bans users very easily; just a few complaints are enough.

2. Instagram

This social media network is particularly popular with public figures and youngsters. It’s rare to find a girl between the ages of 15 and 25 who doesn’t have an Instagram account. Here, it is often not possible to write messages directly to the girls you like, so you should start by commenting on photos.

3. CooMeet

Videochat roulette, where a man can see a live girl, not just look at her avatar. In fact, this is a chat for dating and chatting with girls. The girls here are carefully selected, and they are able to intrigue a man with their talk.

4. Edarling

A popular German dating site. It selects candidates for communication using the so-called matching method (undergoing a psychological test). It creates a database of the girls most suitable for you – who have similar interests as you and are inconvenient geolocation. It works in twenty-five countries around the world, so there is a chance to meet a foreigner.

As examples, there are still a lot of dating sites, but the above is one of the most popular. Here you can choose just the girls you like: by age, appearance, interests, place of residence. And by continuing to communicate with them, you can find the “one and only” among them.