Fishing charters are one of the most fun-filled activities you can enjoy with your buddies. And there’s probably no place better than Marathon, Florida when it comes to charter fishing. You get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and enjoy a charter boat catching fish under the sun.

But, many people tend to overlook the importance of a fishing guide like captain rich smith for your Marathon fishing charter tour. Here’s why that’s not a great idea.

Fishing Guides will Lead you to the Right Fish

When you’re going out for a fishing trip, the main goal is to catch your favorite fish. Probably it’s a Snapper you’re looking for, or perhaps a big Snook. What about Tarpon or Blackfin Tuna? All of these fish species can be caught at Marathon.

But in an area as big as the coastal belt of Marathon, do you know where the fish live? There are 13 islands in the Florida Keys, and the total water area is 2.15 sq. km. So can you scout for a particular fish species yourself?

If the answer is no, you’ll need to take a local fishing guide with you. These guides have lived and worked in the waters of Marathon for decades. They know inside out about the surroundings and will take you to the place where there’s a higher probability of finding the fish species.

One Technique Doesn’t fit All

Not only is Marathon vast, but it is also varied. That means you’re going to find many fishing types like offshore fishing, inshore fishing, wintertime fishing, patch reef fishing. So if you have limited to no experience in a particular type, you’re going to find it hard, no matter how experienced you are in other domains.

Those coming from inshore or river fishing and venturing into offshore fishing find it especially difficult for the changing conditions.

You need to change how you throw an angle, timing, and adjust with the wind. Groups opting for patch reef fishing find it even more difficult. They have to deal with the rock piles, reefs, coral heads, among other things. In the Florida waters, these can be found even at a depth of 10 ft.

A well-known fishing guide like Captain Rich Smith will help you adjust to the changing conditions so that you don’t have to return empty-handed.

Guides Know how to Arrange Things

When you’re heading out to a charter party, you’re probably not going alone. And catching fish is probably not the only activity you’re looking forward to. You want to have a good time with your pals in the charter boat with no distractions. So, fishing guides will help you arrange for all of the things you’d need in the fishing charter tour when you’re in a new place. This ranges from the music system to drinks to foods.

The guide will also arrange the fishing equipment for you that would have the highest catching rate. Experienced fishing guides like Captain Rich Smith work with different types of equipment.

All of this at a nominal cost so you can enjoy the trip without thinking too much about the arrangements. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a get together of which fishing is just a part, hiring an experienced fishing guide goes a long way.

Fishing Guides Can Save Lives, Potentially

Fishing trips, camping, mountaineering, all these activities sound very exciting and adventurous — because they are. But with adventure comes risks. You cannot eliminate them and can only be prepared for them. A certified guide can help you with this preparation.

When you’re going for a fishing charter tour in Marathon, you’re going into the middle of the ocean. Seas and oceans which look stunning in the pictures can be dangerous. The danger comes from the weather, the creatures, and the boat itself. Not to mention any accidents that can take place.

In such scenarios, a fishing guide can work as a savior. The guides are well-trained in dealing with these cases. Moreover, it’s their job to be on the waters and have first-hand experience dealing with such matters. Some capable guides like Captain Rich Smith have been working for years in South Florida and guiding tourists and anglers.

Since you should never compromise on your safety, it’s better to hire a fishing guide and follow his instructions.

Finally, view the guides not as an expense but as a friend. They are friends with whom you can share moments, learn, and have a good time. This way, you’re going to enjoy the fishing charter trip to the waters of Marathon to the fullest.