Hookah – more commonly known as Shisha- is a staple life component today. Even those who don’t ‘smoke’ cigarettes are quite fond of hookahs. One can smoke plain or flavored tobacco and take smoking to an all-new level. You’ll find people smoking hookahs in informal gatherings quite often.

If you love smoking a hookah, you may want to own one so that you can enjoy flavored smoke whenever you want. But let us warn you – stay prepared to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices you’ll find in the market today. With the ever-increasing popularity of hookahs, more and more hookah options are being introduced for hookah lovers.

If you’re on the lookout for the best hookah, our blog post is sure to help you a great deal. We’ve listed down the factors that you must consider before buying a hookah. Doing so would help you choose the best hookah for yourself.

Numerous factors are significant in the selection of the best hookah from a collection like https://thehookahlab.com/collections/hookahs. Let’s have a look at each of these factors.

Type and Origin

There are two types of hookahs available in the market – traditional and modern. Both types differ in performance and durability. Traditional hookahs originated in Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Sierra Leone, and the Middle East, whereas modern hookahs are usually made in China. Traditional hookahs feature a unique handmade antique appearance. They’re made from steel and brass that makes them more durable. These hookahs are also aesthetically appealing that makes them a good decorative item.

The origin of hookah is an important consideration. If you want the taste and feel of real equipment, a traditional hookah is what you should invest in. However, if all you want is a good-looking hookah to satisfy your occasional smoking cravings, a modern one seems like a great option.


You should also consider the material that a hookah is made up of. Some of the best hookahs are the ones that are made from either solid brass or a combination of brass and steel, as in traditional hookahs. However, one of the downsides of investing in a hookah made of solid brass or brass and steel is that it’s prone to rust and needs to be polished regularly. As much as solid brass hookahs are a great choice for hookah lovers, they’re quite high maintenance.

If you don’t think you can keep up with hookah maintenance, opt for a hookah that’s made from a material other than brass. These hookahs usually have to-die-for looks.

Your choice of hookah should be based on how much effort and money you’re willing to put into its maintenance.

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You’ll find hookahs of varying heights. You may want to know which height of hookah is suitable for who. Well, if you’re someone who likes to travel with their hookah and enjoy outdoor smoking, a hookah with a shorter height will suit your requirements the best. However, if you prefer indoor smoking, long-heightened hookahs seem like a better option. The height of a hookah doesn’t affect the quality of smoke, but it sure affects the performance. For optimum performance, buy a hookah that has a height of 28 to 32 inches.

So, before you get carried away with a hookah for sale you just saw, first consider how you’re planning to use it and then make your investment.

Number of Hoses

A hookah may have one smoking hose or as many as four hoses. If you’re more of a solo smoker, a hookah with a single hose would best suit you. However, if you’re a social bee who likes to smoke hookah with friends, a hookah with 3 or 4 hoses would be the best for you.

If you’re buying a hookah with multiple hoses, make sure to close a hookah hose that’s not in use. If you don’t, there will be a significant negative impact on the suction power of the hookah that would affect your smoking experience.

Hookah Accessories

Many hookah accessories can enhance your overall hookah smoking experience. Some of the most important accessories that your hookah must have to include aluminum foil and foil punchers, shisha head, hookah base, coal, etc. All of these accessories can enhance the performance of your hookah and make your hookah smoking experience a lot more wholesome and satisfying. In fact, without some accessories, like a shisha head and coal, you can’t really make your hookah work. So make sure the hookah you’re planning to buy is a complete package, and you don’t have to purchase any accessories separately.


You can’t overlook the price. It’s one of the most important factors that you should consider when buying hookah. You can find pocket-friendly hookahs as well as hookahs that can cost as much as $300. The more features a hookah comprises, the more expensive it will be. For example, a hookah with a single hose would come at a lower price than that with 3 or 4 hoses. Some of the most luxurious hookahs are present at a premium price. However, you can also find cheaper hookahs that offer a great smoking experience. Just make sure you’re investing in a hookah that offers you the highest value for money.

Hookahs are an investment that will go a long way. You don’t go around buying hookahs every day unless you’re obsessed with collecting them. Investing in the best hookahs is a wise decision as it’s a one-time investment. If smoking a hookah is something that you can’t go without., it’s best to buy one for yourself.