When you are short of time and also looking at different ways of making money fast, then the simplest way is with the online survey websites. While the payouts might differ, these companies allow you to earn cash just for giving answers to the questions, browsing the web, getting online coupon codes, and much more.

Top 3 sites are described below:

1. Global Test Market

It is the rare survey website whom BBB has given the accreditation. It is a very diverse survey site which includes topics on anything that is from movies to cars.

Same like other survey websites, each time you fulfill a survey, you would get anywhere from 35 to 250 points that equal approximately 1.50 dollar to 1.75 dollars per survey. When you rack the cash up to pay (that you would need to gather at least 50 dollars), you would have plenty of options to get your cash. You might also get your capital via a check, via the PayPal account, or just redeem this for the gift cards.

Along with receiving points for every survey, you will be actually entered into cash drawings or online discount codes on a monthly basis. For sure, there’s no guarantee at all, but it is a good incentive.

2. Survey Junkie

It makes this easy and quick for jumping into a survey game. Also, according to the sites, games are very famous spot online in order to earn money and rewards to share your thoughts, while that may not be true technically; they’re the biggest survey websites. They’re released in the year 2005 (that is a bit old for some survey website), and they’ve more than 4,000,000 members.

Plus, survey Junkie does use the point system for the rewards. Each survey that you complete, you would receive anywhere between 50 to 450 points. One-hundred points equal 1 dollar. Just opposite to competition, the Survey Junkie is quite honest regarding how much you will make. They say on the website that you would not become wealthy taking surveys.

It’s refreshing to view after different sites claiming that you can quit your job and just sit at your home while taking surveys. The website reminds you about how easy it is: Take Surveys, Get discount codes, and receive or save Money.

3. ePoll Market Research

It is a less-known survey site. This company was made in 1997. It helped in paving the way to earn money for thousands of several online survey websites which we enjoy nowadays.

While there are not any crystal-clear guidelines, the ePoll surveys try to revolve it around the entertainment business and media. Hence, TV/movie watchers and young survey takers would surely enjoy the ePoll Market Research more than other demographics. With the ePoll, you might be needed to watch some TV episode or a commercial and answer the queries about this on the research survey.

Rather, on some occasions, the ePoll would send a TV show or movie out for you for watching at your home and review it on the website. Such chances are not frequent; however, are good additional perks of using this website.