Winning the lottery is a wonderful thing. Imagine having your life changed forever by just one stroke of good luck? But not so fast; not all lotto winners get to live a happy ending.

In a fascinating curation of lotto winner stories prepared by the clever team from Stefan’s list, you will learn that some lucky individuals run out of luck fast. Despite taking home millions of dollars, some lottery winners went on to live a life of poverty and misery. Their sad fate will make you realize that luck can only do so much.

Some call it the curse of the lottery, with many winners squandering their newfound wealth and meeting tragic endings. You might wonder how they end up that way after acquiring fortunes that many of us can only dream of.

Well, a few can point to sheer bad luck, just like in the case of Arthur Neal, Jr., an 86-year-old grandfather who met a tragic end in 2015. He was said to have won $20,000 in the lottery but never lived to enjoy it. The poor old man was found murdered in the basement of a Detroit home. His ticket was never cashed.

Another unfortunate soul met the same sad fate — Urooj Khan — although the circumstances of his death remained a mystery. Khan owned a laundry business that he wished to grow with his winnings.

However, before he could claim his $1 million prizes, he was found dead. It was initially ruled to be of natural causes by the medical examiner. Further tests revealed that Khan was fatally poisoned with cyanide.

Others suffered the consequences of their actions. Sharon Tirabassi is one example. Winning more than $10 million from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp, the Canadian single mother spent all her winnings by splurging on big houses, fancy cars, lavish parties, exotic trips, and generous handouts to family and friends. Now she is back working part-time and living in a rented house.

Callie Rogers was 16 when she won in a UK Lotto. The teenager promptly spent the prize on two breast implant surgeries, indulged in drugs, and attempted suicide four times. Thankfully, Rogers saw the error of her ways and is trying to get back to her feet.

Amanda Clayton was not so lucky. Having won the Michigan lottery jackpot to the tune of $735,000 in 2012, Clayton was arrested, charged with fraud, and sentenced to nine months in prison for allegedly collecting food stamps and public health insurance despite her huge winnings. Her death in October that same year was due to a drug overdose.

Easy comes, easy goes, as what they say. Winning the lottery can quickly turn to a nightmare. But not all lotto winners end up dead or destitute. Some of them managed to live a peaceful life after their good fortune. Discover more of their stories in the infographic below.