Replacing your laptop battery at the right time saves you from a lot of hassles as”A stitch in time saves nine!”It is not only convenient for you but also good for your device because a faulty battery negatively impacts the overall activity and life of the device.

Mostly, the laptop batteries that are being commonly used are formulated over Lithium-ion technology. Even despite your careful treatment, the battery’s capacity decreases with time, and ultimately it becomes dead! Though several advancements have been made in lithium-ion technology, these batteries’ lifespan is not prolonged.

To get your laptop’s battery replaced in time, you must identify the signs that it’s high time you need to get a new laptop battery and ensure that you are getting a new genuine original laptop battery for your laptop. Listed below are some signs that will help you identify the need in time.

Windows Warning

With the launch of Windows 7, an advancement feature was added in the windows notifications; that when your battery reaches a low capacity level, you’ll receive a warning notification from windows. A red X appears on the standard battery icon in the system’s notification bar, which upon clicking, reveals, “Consider replacing your battery.” Windows also warn you about the sudden shut down of your laptop device due to a problem with your laptop battery.

Declining Capacity

The maximum lifespan of any battery is mostly between two to four years. Usually, a 100% charged battery lasts up to ten hours, depending upon laptop device use. Besides, the programs being run in the background affect the capacity of a battery, like software applications that are running continuously in the background make the battery drain faster than normal. Gradually, the battery’s capacity and its lifespan reduce with the aging of the laptop. So, if your laptop battery is draining faster than usual, it’s a potential sign which indicates that it is time to get your laptop’s battery replaced.

Abrupt Death

Sometimes your laptop battery would just stop working for no apparent reason, and your laptop would not start. Well, there can be several other reasons behind the boot-up problems, but a defective battery is one of the most common reasons. In such a scenario, you should remove the battery and start the laptop while plugging in just the charger.

If the laptop starts up, then there is no problem with the charger and with your laptop, but it’s just the battery that seems problematic. To confirm further, place the battery into its position and start the laptop, if the battery icon still shows a red X or just an X or no battery icon at all, then your battery is already dead, and you need to buy a new laptop battery.

(The above-mentioned testing process is only applicable for user-replaceable batteries)


The laptop gets heated after excessive use but overheating is actually caused by damaged batteries. However, this could also be the case if there is a manufacturing default that happened with Sony and caused Dell and Apple to call for a battery recall. In case of manufacturing default, you must send in your battery for a free replacement. A damaged battery or a defective battery, whatever is the case, you need to fix the overheating by either getting a replacement or buying a new battery, as overheating is harmful to your entire laptop device.

Freezing of Computer

Operating systems have the incorporation of some features that adjust the computer’s performance according to the battery’s capacity. This feature basically helps the system to conserve its power while it is not plugged in. Windows also offer some customized features which let the users change the computer’s performance like brightness, sounds, etc.

As you can’t run the computer on optimum performance when the battery’s capacity is low, because by doing this, you might end up damaging your computer’s hardware by consuming more power than your battery can provide. This eventually causes your computer to crash or freeze. But, if all the options are set up at minimum levels and still your computer crashes or freezes when on battery, then it’s a clear indication that your laptop needs a new battery.

Having your laptop’s battery give way in the middle of an important task is nothing but extremely frustrating. So, it’s best that you keep an eye on the signs of a damaged or aged battery and replace your old battery in time to save yourself the hassle and frustration.