For those cannabis enthusiasts out there, who consume cannabis products for either recreational or medical purposes, CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, has become a rather safe alternative for days where getting slightly intoxicated with THC is not an option.

With that said, the alternatives found in the market right now can be rather plain and boring, and for those who are more used to smoking rather than consuming oils or edibles, a great alternative has entered the market: hemp flowers.

These are meant to replace marijuana strains and provide the same medical benefits, regardless of the condition and disease you are going through. With that said, I’m going to specifically talk about the grape soda flavored hemp flowers from Cheefbotanicals, and how to properly use them, as well as how they are different from regular cannabidiol products.

Why People Go for CBD Products

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to always use marijuana and other similar products such as happy brownies or marijuana-infused ice-creams because of the kick provided by THC, a compound found in the cannabis plant that provides a psychedelic side-effect that gets people high.

This is often the case when marijuana is consumed for recreational purposes, but what about the people who need it for medical reasons? For those who didn’t know, marijuana and cannabis have been legally permitted as a medical alternative which great results in dealing with pain-inducing conditions and inflammatory diseases.

For people who want to get their medications but don’t want to get high and have problems with their daily activities, CBD is the best choice, since it doesn’t contain enough THC to get people high.

This is why people often opt for CBD as a medical alternative, and even use it in their pets, considering that animals have problems whenever they consume marijuana and any product containing it.

Still, CBD Oil, Edibles, or Flowers?

There are many ways to take CBD, but the most common ones always involve consuming oil or eating edibles, which is the reason why flowers exist. Flowers are very similar to marijuana strains, but they are made out of the hemp plant, the main plant used to manufacture CBD-based products.

The hemp plant and hemp flower strains are well known for containing only 0.3% of THC on its structure, so it’s a very safe alternative.

But many people, new to the world of cannabidiol, might wonder which alternative is better? Well, it would say it depends entirely on their likes.

For example, if the idea of consuming oil doesn’t seem to be a problem for you, you can always purchase it. It is very easy to find since it is the more present type of cannabidiol product in the market right now.

Some people might not like this idea that much, so they go for edibles instead. It is a much more discreet alternative and some people like the idea of consuming their medication through candies, cookies, energy bars, or cakes.

Of course, there’s a drawback to edibles, and that is that they need to be consumed in a certain amount of time before the product expires, which doesn’t happen as often compared to oils.

Now, let’s talk about hemp flowers…

Why Grape Soda Hemp Flowers Are so Great

Here’s where cannabis enthusiast who uses marijuana for recreational purposes might get a little excited: since you can actually smoke hemp flowers. A lot of people like the idea of smoking marijuana, since it is the most common way of consuming it, so they feel a little weird when they have to use cannabidiol products with other methods.

Thankfully, hemp flowers are very similar to marijuana strains, and nowadays you can actually find hemp flowers with different flavors, like the grape soda flavor provided by Cheefbotanicals. Of course, the way you decide to go depends entirely on you, but I’ll recommend checking this guide just in case

If you are not a fan of consuming it that way, you can always try using it as a tea infusion. Brewing your own tea from a hemp flower is possible, but always consider the flavor of the flower you purchased. Adding sugar might be the magic touch to complete the perfect brew, but you can always experiment to create the perfect tea of your choice.