Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a massively popular free-to-play battle royale game available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. The game has taken the eSports world, and the streaming world by storm. Millions of gamers have played Apex Legends and voiced their love for the game, the world it’s crafted, and the characters in it.

In all, there are 16 Apex Legends characters. Each of them feels unique and fully realized with backstories, special abilities, and unique skills. Develop Respawn took advantage of their character creation process to represent people from many different walks of life. Something that is becoming more prevalent in gaming today—and rightly so, the world is filled with just one type of person.

Apex Legends Characters


After the Battle at Gridiron, the ship Bangalore and her brother Jackson were aboard was attacked by an unidentified enemy. Sadly, her brother Jackson was sucked into space via a bomb that exploded in the ship. Now, Anita fights in the Apex Games to gather money to return home.


Bloodhound was taught the Old Ways—a belief that glorifies nature and rejects technology. Despite this, Bloodhound was fascinated with technology. Bloodhound is a supreme tracker, asking Earth’s Old Norse Gods to guide them—Bloodhound believes that destiny is predetermined and ends in death.


Caustic was highly skilled at concocting new formulas but felt his progress was slowed by his current testing methods. He wanted to test on living subjects. It wasn’t long until Humbert Labs discovered Nox’s experiments. The head of the lab confronted Nox, and their exchange ended in a lab fire. Nox uses the alias Caustic to compete in the Apex Games and observe what his creations do to other participants with sickening interest.


Crypto was an orphan and abandoned young. He and his foster sister Mila Alexander became computer engineers for the Mercenary Syndicate. After stumbling upon an algorithm that could determine winners, Mila vanished, and Crypto went into hiding when he was framed for her murder. To clear his name, Crypto has joined the Apex Games.


The brutal planet of Salvo played home to Fuse in his younger years. He worked as a mercenary for most of his life—with his childhood friend Maggie. Becoming the best and most loved competitor in the bloodsport Bonecage wasn’t enough to satisfy Fuse. Eventually, Fuse joined the Apex Games, but it came at the cost of a battle with Maggie.


The outlands are filled with dangerous situations, and Gibraltar has always been able to get out of them. It wasn’t until he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle and got trapped by a mudslide that he understood the worth of protecting others. His father lost an arm while saving them, and Gibraltar has always kept that sacrifice in the forefront of his mind. Gibraltar competes in the Apex Games to keep his friends safe.


Dr. Mary Somers—astrophysicist, gravitational expert, and nearly a century old—spent 87 years stranded near a black hole. Now, she’s determined to go back in time to find her son that she lost years ago—and winning Apex Games will fund that.


Ajay ‘Lifeline’ Che was once in a family of war profiteers, and wealthy ones at that. Ajay discovered the repulsive ways of her family and left them behind. She seeks to help others and uses her Apex Games winnings for good causes.


Revenant, a hitman, killed her family when she was nine. As Loba grew up, she developed skills at pick-pocketing and eventually stole a teleportation bracelet. When Revenant joined the Apex Games, Loba saw her opportunity for revenge.


His mother was an engineer and introduced him to Holo-Pilot technology: tech that creates illusions. Mirage had dreamed of fighting in the Apex Games, and after his mother gave him customized holo devices, Mirage leaped into the games.


After suffering an accident that severely injured his legs, the rich and famous Octane could no longer live his daredevil lifestyle. He persuaded his friend Ajay Che to replace his injured legs with biotic ones. Octane seeks to become an Apex Champion in the grandest and most death-defying style ever seen.


A robot specializing in scouting and surveying, Pathfinder is in search of his creator. He joined the Apex Games to gain a following so he could draw the attention of his maker.


The boastful blue-collar owner of a business, Rampart mingled with all sorts of devious people. Eventually, her business was burned down, likely due to her boastful ways. She joined the Apex Games intent to bolster her name and show her glory.


Revenant was once human. Then best mercenary around. His programming failed and showed him who he really was. He was resurrected as a simulacrum—repeatedly and each time his memories were erased. He killed everyone who did it to him, and when Hammond Robotics surfaced, he had more targets.


Her father is the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer. She’s known the games all her life. She designed the Modified Containment Ring, and after her father died and she felt left alone, Wattson accepted an invite to join a group of Apex Games competitors. A measure she took to not be alone.


Renee Blasey volunteered for her own experiments, was betrayed by her partner, and locked up. Years later, she awoke with no memory of her past or who she is. Wraith trudges on with her quest to remember her past and discover herself. Many Apex Games are held on old IMC bases—perfect places to find information.


Apex Legends characters are a broad span of depth and creativity. Respawn has used its game to bring awareness to different types of people and attempt to create an environment that embraces differences.

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