Ever wondered how to recover data after your hard drive unexpectedly crashes? Why do these hard drive crashes occur in the first place? Well, you have arrived at an excellent page to help you regain some essential data. Although these crashes are quite common, they indeed are a huge pain for everyone. However, the drive may not always be at fault. We shall provide you with an in-depth guide as to why the hard drive is crashing. Moreover, we will also guide you in the process of recovering your valuable data and fix a crashed hard drive. Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best tools for this very tricky task.

Physical Hard Disk Crash/Failure

Generally, physical hard drive failures are quite common. However, this is a problematic situation for computer repair. Although manufacturers guarantee reliability and use for a long time, it isn’t easy to do that for so many products. They estimate that around 1 to 2 percent of hard drives fail due to mechanical wear or poor operating conditions. If you encounter such a failure. Don’t worry, as we will indeed assist you in getting your data back. Common physical hard drive crashes comprise reading/write head failures, spindle bearing seizures, and electronic faults. Although the situation is different for various HDDs, these are some of the main issues that cause notable symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms

Thus, we would always encourage you to be well versed with the causes and symptoms of a physical hard drive crash:

  • Read/Write head failures: In this case, the hard drive’s inner circuits are quite worn. You will mostly face this issue if your HDD isn’t supported for your current Operating System. In a few cases, power input is also responsible for the same. Thus, always ensure that the outlet you connect to your PC is always near the recommended area. In case of power outages, you should always use a UPS to continue your work.
  • Spindle Bearing Seizures: Usually, your HDD consists of numerous intricate enclosures which need to work effectively for the best results. These usually arise due to a rapid increase in friction in the bearing mechanism of the HDD. Although this is fixable, it isn’t easy to correct in most cases. Thus, you should always make sure that your CPU fans are working well and it doesn’t heat.
  • Electronic Faults: Since an HDD is essentially an electronic enclosure, such faults are quite common. Typically, it isn’t really feasible to avoid such issues as they have no particular fault of the user. We would only recommend that you always ensure recommended power supply. Moreover, clean your CPU vents from the outside and possibly from the interior to avoid dust particles from entering the vital components.

Although knowing the issues is essential, symptoms are necessary to identify if something is wrong with your HDD. Detection of the problem is as important as finding the root cause.

  • Clicking or Whirring
  • Unable to Mount or Read
  • File corruption, crashing, and reduced speed of file accessing
  • Incorrect data in BIOS
  • Missing folders and error messages

Logical Hard Drive Crash

This type of crash is significantly unique from a physical hard drive failure. It occurs when a hard drive cannot access any data due to non-mechanical issues. For example, malware and virus damage ensure that the data cannot be accessed or is corrupted. It indicates a logical hard drive crash. Generally, these kinds of issues require professional assistance from a data recovery company. However, Recoverit is ideal for restoring your data or fixing the corrupted files. This type of damage is fatal as it puts all your data at risk. It is unavoidable too which is unlike physical crashes.

Causes and Symptoms

A logical hard drive crash is avoidable and, in most cases, due to human error. Thus, we would always encourage you to be well versed with the causes and symptoms of a physical hard drive crash:

  • Virus attack or malware: As mentioned before, this is indeed a very vital cause for a logical failure. Viruses are annoying files or functions in the form of library files, which rapidly degrade your PC’s functioning. Hence, it is no surprise to see that these will most definitely mess up your HDD too. Anonymous files from the internet are a huge no-no, my friend! Make sure that you use only verified sources for necessary files.
  • Human Factors: Proper use of a computer is always necessary for its longevity. It applies to the HDD too. Various formatting mistakes, sudden deletion, and rooting issues are indeed responsible for logical hard drive crashes. Hence, you must make sure to always check twice before performing any drastic action.

Symptoms are necessary for detecting an issue. It is true for any kind of electronic device. Thus, here are the significant symptoms of a logical hard drive crash:

  • You may see the infamous blue/black screen.
  • You may notice that the computer’s performance has gone down in terms of processing and graphics.
  • You may even notice that some of your data have vanished.
  • Sudden Operating System crashes or lagging functions.

How to recover data from the crashed logical disk?

Losing your valuable data could be a huge blow. Sometimes, you might not even realize that your data is gone. However, with Recoverit, you can restore all your vital files instantly with some pretty simple steps. Recovering data cannot get any more comfortable for you. Here are some extremely straightforward steps:

  1. Launch Recoverit on your PC: This software is easily accessible from the site and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Moreover, you can easily download it and opt for a quick, hassle-free recovery period. You indeed need to launch the application to recover files. Hence, go to the start menu and search for ‘Recoverit.’ Once you find the icon, launch the application to scan for files quickly.
  2. Select a location: You need to know precisely which drive has crashed for recovering files. Always make sure that you browse each drive and assess the presence of your valuable files. Once you know which drive is malfunctioning, go to the Recoverit application and select the said location.
  3. Scan the location: Once you have selected the correct drive, click on the scan button. Recoverit will begin with an all-round scan on the drive to look for potential lost and deleted files. The scanning process usually takes a few minutes to implement. Please be patient as this function requires a large amount of function by your CPU. If you have the latest version of Recoverit, you will get the scanning results in real-time. Thus, you can assess and preview the files while the scanning process is still going on. Isn’t that exquisite?
  4. Preview and Recover the files: As a Recoverit user, you can preview the files before actually choosing to recover them. It is indeed one of the more popular features of Recoverit. The ability to preview files is excellent for all users. Thus, before recovering, you should preview all the essential files and prioritize them. Recoverit supports previewing almost all the common types of files, such as images, videos, audios, Outlook emails, documents, and many more. Then click on the ‘Recover’ button to restore your lost data. Kindly make sure that you don’t select the damaged hard drive again, as this might again result in you losing some data.

That’s it, my friends! You will find all the recovered files in the selected path. Now you can access this data and make changes at your discretion.

See how easy that was? We would genuinely recommend Recoverit for all your computer-based needs. It is one of the best software 2021 to recover lost data from anywhere on your computer. Were you troubled by a crashed computer? Recoverit can solve that too. Accidentally deleted files that are important? The latest version of this software can get data back even from the Recycle bin. Thus, download Recoverit now for having access to a robust and vital application for your computer.